IMG_6082 InvisibleWhere did my friend go? They disappeared!  We used to have a good link! If you wonder about your links and wish you had an answer you’ll enjoy this article about using meditating to connect links.
Many of us lead busy lives in a fast changing world. It only makes sense that as we run around, doing this and doing that, something will get disconnected. Relationship, business, and connection within yourself. In meditating regularly you may find that when you “wonder” answers will appear!
By sitting in stillness for a simple 20 minutes a day, answers come to the surface. How?  Simple.

Breathe. Relax. Let Go.

Begin by starting your day with meditating. Before logging on to the computer, reading the paper, listening to the news, and even talking. Before the busy part, sit, breathe, relax, let go, and coat yourself with stillness. It takes practice, but even starting with 5 or 10 minutes will help until you get to 20 minutes of inner peace and inner power.
Today my thoughts and questions about someone in my life came up to remind me it was about “broken links.”  I meditated wondering about my friend before beginning. After I finished meditating, I looked around at the beautiful day and smiled with a fresh cup of coffee. I felt at peace.  I opened my email, and my first message said, “Broken Links.” Yes! That was it! My friend wasn’t invisible, the links were simply broken. Funny how that happens when the answer just pops up!
The funny part about when I open my eyes and come back into the room that my answers come in many ways. Something in nature shows up. I become aware of the answer to my concerns through a metaphor. You are more present to “receive” now that you are clear and open.

Broken Links

IMG_6059Links exist between everything. How can this be possible? We are energy. Plants are energy. Everything registers energy. When I am sketching people and animals and even nature, I sense this energy, essence, and perhaps it “links” to me.
Couples sense links. When a disconnect occurs, they feel it right away. Even if they are afraid to do anything to repair the broken links, they know something changed. Something broke. What do they do?

Connect Links

When you want to reconnect broken links, start with meditation. Go inside and get quiet. Answers will come.
Meditating can help with broken links, because in the stillness, the “stuff” quiets, intuition opens, and energy flows. Something happens when we give ourselves this shift to reconnect links. The swift kick from the email in a message “broken links” was a reminder for me to repair the broken links by communicating with them. So, I’ve taken action and communicated!
IMG_0839 Broken Links

How Are Your Broken Links?

Would you like to learn how to shift into a more relaxed experience? Do you have broken links in your life and want reconnection? It’s time. I wonder how long you will wait until you say, “Now is the time!”
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