Cloudy with Chance of SunDo you remember an “AH HA!” moment?  I do. Could I share it with you, because we all share common journeys?
Thoughts by Cyn Wilson
This last week I came to a startling reality check about home … about where home really is for me. I used to believe I would return to California after I graduated from university, but I didn’t. After some time, I finally asked myself, “If I need to be in California, what the heck is keeping me here in Oregon?”

Reality Check

Each day I wake up and partake in a life I created when I moved here.  Getting adjusted to the weather took time, and I did it! I met new friends, got involved in a community that meshed with me, and most of my family is here. I had to review some things. I had to review my feelings of missing my friends in another place, and yet having friends here I enjoyed.
Cute CatI thought about my volunteer activities with the cat community of CATS (Cat Adoption Team) over the last few months. I love this work!  It gives me meaning and value, and I have adopted out at least a couple dozen cats to new, loving homes through such work. It’s a way to fill the “love gap” I need to fill … as I cannot have a cat of my own, yet. One or two kitties have become very talkative with me. Even they are friends!
This week I chatted with my best friend whom I miss so dearly. We had a conversation about how I finally realized Home is Portland, Oregon. Although my far away friend misses me just as dearly as I miss her, she has known this for a while, and how it would be in the future too. She encouraged me to move on past my fears. Funny, that is how I now help clients here in Portland. Particularly students who feel lost or need support.


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