Getting Ideas Out Photo Credit: Richard Wilson

Are you curious about what is possible? Got an idea? Are you wanting to get your ideas out? Do you dream of writing and finishing a book, making a difference in the world, or you have a great idea for an invention that would enrich the lives of others as well as your own? Want help to get started?
Coaching is about possibilities, discovering goals and cooking them up to suit your dreams.
In the process, you may discover ideas that you want to make happen and the steps to begin your journey.
Get your ideas out! Someone is waiting for you.

What is Your Goal?

What do you want? Your goal? My goal is to inspire you. When it comes to coaching or training, we put our all into the experience of learning. Apositiva’s intention is to give you architecture, creativity, and practice.
When you begin your learning journey, you will:

  • Begin with a well-formed outcome
  • Realize the positive intent and secondary gain of what’s been holding you back
  • Discover your process for achieving something you want to do, be or have
  • Move step-by-step, into your process with the intent to achieve your goal even if it takes more time
  • Figure out your strategy with positivity.

Your dreams are you in motion.

Dreams are your mind giving you clues, and yet people brush them off like dust. Become what you dream.
This Growing Coach Training workshop is an experience in coaching yourself to deliver what you came here to do in life. Then sharing your new skills to grow more people.
I happen to believe in tales of passage, legends; there are exciting stories of heroes and knights and such. Why not you?
I challenge you to your own personal challenge! Pull a dream and make it happen. Learn how to coach at Growing Coach Training.
Just Because
Why? Well, remember what your mother said when you were little and you asked why? Just because. Because you are you – an individual who deserves a whack at the piñata of life and because you’ve seen others crack the cosmic egg. It’s your time.
Get your ideas out! Someone is waiting for you. Join Growing Coach Training workshop, starting August 29th. This 5-week-end course will take you from here to your challenge. Discover how you can feel motivated and how to share that with another person. This course is built on a solid architecture for coaching processes, and recognized by Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE).
Sign up now. It only takes a phone call to begin many more conversations. Click here to join Growing Coach Training.
Enthusiastically yours,
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