Create a New Story in “A Master’s Cloak” WEBINAR

Starts November 28, 2017

Where does your self want to go?

Come find out in “A Self Creation class”. Take the YOU experience to a higher level.Mt Hood in Portland 2
This is an online class to guide YOU in “your story.”  I want to get you started as we close the year in a journey to a higher and more fulfilling story. One you can look back on and say, “I’m so glad I joined this caravan and journey.”
It will involve exploring, dreaming, and shifting energy to create a new and more magical story in your life.
First let me share a special reason why I am starting this webinar now.  I wrote this series two years ago. Yes, I’ve been dreaming of the day I could bring it to you. A mystic messenger has delivered the sign that awakened the me ready to ring the bell, and begin this special webinar.
Marie Friend
Marie Friend came to visit. She is set up to give a presentation here on December 2nd, and called me to discuss something.
“Cat, I’ve never given you a reading, have I?” Marie asked.
“No, Marie. I’ve sat in your talks at New Renaissance Bookstore, and went through a group past life, but you’ve never done a personal reading,” I said to her with a smile.
“Well, then, I should come over and do one,” Marie said excitedly. “When are you ready?”
I stopped and thought about it. “How about next week?” She agreed!
From there she came over and gave me a wonderful experience. Marie took my hands and for a couple hours gave me an experience that is hard to explain! She revealed a past life and helped me to open a door to my destiny!
What came out of it is lives I’ve lived, vivid scenes came to me, and I was stunned. I stood at a “crossroad.”  She hesitated and that explained that I was “holding back.”  Marie told me that I needed to take the “leap” and get moving. She sat with me for a while and told me to take this seriously and review what I was holding back on.
After she left I thought about this very carefully. Then I made a list of everything I had held back on. Number One was this webinar “A Master’s Cloak.”  My deep desire was to reach my clients in a special time in a webinar that will give them my attention and inspire them to shift into a new story.
I am opening up this webinar FREE to the first 30 people.  Are you ready to “get moving” with me? Let’s do it together.
Remember: Marie Friend will be here at Apositiva Saturday, Dec. 2, 2-4pm.
Space is limited. Click here and sign up for “Reincarnation or Reality.”

Create a New Story in “A Master’s Cloak” WEBINAR

A Master’s Cloak is a 6-week, weekly group for a 47-minute class in creating the highest and best possible you.
What does it involve?

  • Pre class reading/study
  • Weekly teleseminar on Zoom for less than an hour a week
  • Post class skills experience
  • Post class one-on-one follow up via phone or online (FaceTime, Zoom)

Main Objective:
These online classes can help people rewrite their story for a happy result.

  • Apply the laws of vibration to rewire your spirit for success
  • Understand how an “Originating Story” connects you to the results in your life
  • Work with the story of time and metaphor to make life worth living enjoyably
  • Set Intentions using stories, science, and a plan that will give your life true meaning

Evolved Objective:

  • Identify story we tell and share and do
  • Identify how vibration wires body and space
  • Write new story with metaphor
  • Plan, set, and follow meaningful life intentions

Dates & Time: September 5 – Intro Webinar at 7pm

  1. November 28
  2. December 5
  3. December 12
  4. December 19
  5. December 26
  6. January 2

Register through Zoom. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
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Pricing: See tuition page.