Cures, Exercises, Stress

Gingerly Look at Your Process

How does Ginger become the stuff in a jar? It’s a process. By the way, how are your processes done? What do  you think about Cures, Exercises, and Stress? Are you are needing attention in these areas? Perhaps you are seeking a higher level of living. Maybe you are in a place where the experience you are having is simply overwhelming your humanity. You are a valuable human being… here are some positive ideas.
Cures for diseases are the job of physicians. People who come in as commandos to rifle the enemy or negotiate peace talks. Bob, a friend of mine, has what he calls the man Cancer. Prostate Disease. It is there. Inside him. He doesn’t understand it, so he asks questions. His medical team says, “Cut it out, radiate it, kill it now!” Bob wondered why each had a different style of annihilating this island growing inside of his body. However, he just felt that there were more options. Was there another cure? And… how did it get there to begin with and was there anything else causing havoc inside his physical/mental body? Time to get more information… and a second opinion, and check out alternative medicine.
One medical professional says straightforward, “Genetics. Statistics.” The conversation could then follow the path of “to cure it, kill it.”
Another expert might ask, “in your life, what and how much do you eat, exercise and what stress are you feeling?” A path could then be, “Change and let’s watch and see.”
Thoughts. “How are you thinking,” asked a life coach, “when you go through your life? Happy? Focused? Excited about life?”
Bob talked about how the conversations opened up his review of his life balance. Yes, he had put on a few pounds, but… (the excuses are many). “It’s hard to exercise and never enough time to eat or cook the right meals, and the news will tell you about stress.”
It is 2012 and we have many ways. You have more choice in the US and many other countries are forward thinking to help you go and create balance in your life. If there is a “dis-ease” in your body, then you can create more ease using a variety of steps. First, take a review of how you live.
Here is a list of my common foods:
Here is how I exercise:
When I am feeling stressed in the moment I do this for myself:
Smoking is a no-brainer. The greatest benefit is to the businesses that “help you smoke.” Change it. You can. You can make a positive change in one hypnotherapy session with Rich Aanrich or Cat Wilson. Realize that the effect will benefit you in gaining freedom, health and mental balance. Secondhand smoke exposure  has resulted in an estimated 46,000 heart disease deaths and 3,400 lung cancer deaths just among nonsmoking people (adults) in the U.S. every year, according to the studies at the American Cancer Society. Change those statistics with one call… a call for you.
Exercise can make the rhythm of your body surge with positive changes in vitality! Bob immediately studied exercise for his cancer. What happened? His PSA went down. Reading studies gave him inspiration, and learning self-hypnosis at Apositiva kept him on the path and motivated. Guess what? His weight dropped. He found time. He found exercises that worked with his busy work and personal life. So many things changed, including the sadness and anxiety he had begun to feel changed to elated joy! Being out with others actively moving assured him he was not alone in his journey to better health and balance.
“Dis-ease” is stress filled. Find what is “dissing” you and you can start to unravel the hard ball. Hypnotherapy brings amazing relaxation to mind, body and spirit for many men and women. There are so many ways that each person can usually find a way that works for them.  Yet, we have many ways. You may discover that Emotional Freedom Technique is the tapping experience that brings you release. Learning this effective tool can change your response to anxious moments and give you back a peaceful mind… for peaceful thinking.
Give yourself or a Father you know a gift that will bring them something evolutionary. Call us for specialized and personalized CDs that you can hand to your special person. You can reach us at 503-525-0595 or 503-525-0594. Our mission is to enrich the lives of people and businesses who want a positive change.