In this holiday season, we go back in our memories and visit the music of our past.

Do you ever feel that you have a song in you? We all do, you know.

Today, as we step into the holiday season, I wanted to share a beautiful thought about you and your music.

Do You Remember Your Song?

I read an article that talked about the song with which we are born.  Each of us has a special song and it starts in the womb.

“When a woman of a certain African tribe knows she is pregnant, she goes out into the wilderness with a few friends and together they pray and meditate until they hear the song of the child.” (Reference: Do You Remember Your Song? by Alan Cohen of

Cohen talks about how the people sing the song to the child at all the events of their life. Even when they commit a crime, because they believe what the person needs is love and the remembrance of identity.

I took this idea for a topic of discussion to Women Who Bloom, the circle of women I have been holding space for at Apositiva for about two years.

We listen, reflect and then journal on topics for about ten minutes. Then we share our writings.

Do you journal?

To bring your ideas to the surface journalling can show you the richness inside of you. When you share ideas and grow them together you are involved in synergy – a combination of you and something bigger.

The thoughts from the journalling were beautiful. Tears came to our eyes. I asked if I could share some of their writing and this is what you get to enjoy below.

I hope after you read these words that you will reflect on the question “Do you remember your song?” and listen to your own inner melody play. May you enjoy your holiday with music.

Here are three of the shared writings. Happy Holidays!

Cat’s Song

My song, my song,
is it the sound of my mother’s heart?
Is it the gargle of a stomach, a lullaby,
the voice of people outside the womb I’ve been listening to
for 9 or 10 months … or my life?

A melody, humming, comes up for me
like an old European verse
created on a cold, snowy night,
yet brought out in the spring
after fermenting in music, love,
and harmony, polished from the essence
of a Polish woman and
a man from British and Lithuanian beginnings.

It’s old country.
It’s new age.
It’s piano, harp, and flutes and violins.

It’s a beautiful uplifting verse
with maybe some whistling and snapping of fingers, too.

Above all, it’s reminding me
that I’m never alone,
because the song lives in my heart.

Linda’s Song

How do I find my song…
The voice deep inside my heart
that is there in joy or in sorrow?

In a child’s laughter, the blowing wind,
a roaring ocean, and in the singing of the birds
in the morning of a new day.

It is up to me to take the time
to listen and to sing along.
Being in the present, not in the past or future.

And when we learn to listen to our Song,
we need to let it surround us in Love and Comfort,
and when it is time,
we can share it with others…

Showing them the Peace that is found,
when we love ourselves unconditionally,
and stop to listen to our Song and our Heart.

Lynn’s Song

For so long, I thought
I could only listen to other people’s songs;
yearning to hear their stories,
watching the music emanate from their words,
expressions, actions, and emotions.

As I absorbed those vibrations
I forgot that I, too,
have a song to sing to myself and to others.

How wonderful that today
I am reminded of the music
I was born to play.

And that in time,
with patience, love, compassion,
and above all else, the support of others,
I may hear its purity again.


Blessings and Happy New Year!