Character Sketch by Cat Wilson

Happy Conversation in Cafe by Cat Wilson

You may have experienced one of my character sketches in a cafe. If you have, then we have met and I may have explained how I am learning how to draw better by my sketching in cafes.
I may have also shared how drawing in public places, doing something I’m almost a little hesitate to do, has given me courage.
You could say, “drawing on courage.” What does that mean?  Allow me to offer an explanation.

Drawing on Courage

Every day I go to a cafe, typically around Portland, Oregon (because this is where I am). Generally, I have someone with me. This person is supporting me, spotting me. You know when you jump on the trampoline and a person or two hangs out nearby to catch you? Well, they are nearby to help me stay in the space for this time. Anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. My partner, my children, a friend, several trusted people have witnessed me and sort of hung out with a beverage, while I sketched with my paper and pens.

Why am I doing it?

I have a desire to draw and sketch better and faster. I want to capture the beauty in people and the essence and light I see!
When I was a little girl, I drew all the time, and used to dream that someday this little girl would be an artist. My father encouraged me to do something else and keep art as a hobby.  It confused me. Life changes ideas. My life course took lots of side roads. Family. Business. Life. Yes, I try to use my skills in my business, but I wanted to get better. How? The urge to draw got stronger.

Cafe Sketch by Cat Wilson

Woman Who Organizes – Sketch by Cat Wilson

As I took up the opportunity to sketch, I learned to draw ears, eyes, pick up some ideas on perspective, and this is all from drawing from life. Courage was the unexpected gift. As the pen touched the paper, I committed to finish what I started. After a few moments I felt the sense of the person from life, and felt the skill building.

Give it Away?

Yes! I’ve given all the sketches to the person I was drawing. Except, of course, those people who said they were not interested. I kept pictures of my sketches, so I could remember my progress and give myself a different perspective to understand what was going on in the experience. I’ve learned and shared and experienced.
Giving sketches away for free gives me a special “lift” and “joy” that is difficult to explain. When the person is delighted, my heart sings!

Inspiration for You

Creative Morning by Cat Wilson

Creative Morning by Cat Wilson

Imagine yourself doing some activity you enjoy. Doing a little bit will feel different. I’d like to inspire you to consider my seven (7) tips.

  1. Develop a skill, taking a few moments each day and play.
  2. Begin where you are now. You get better by knowing it’s okay not to be not perfect.
  3. Relax and be fine with whatever happens.
  4. Practice in ways and times that allow you to take care of your family and life, and you!
  5. Grow with your dedication to a little enrichment.
  6. Give it away when you are done.
  7. Share your story about your adventure!

The Story Behind the Story
Are you advancing a skill? Was there a second benefit, like my courage? When you want to share your stories please contact me. I would love to hear your story about your adventure.