Dreary to Dreamy – Part II

Driving on Road to Challenge

The blog “Dreary to Dreamy” elicited so many responses and one person asked me to expand on it. So, here is another expansion on one aspect… creating the fuel to get you going.
Given the circumstances you find yourself in, life may or may not be what you want.. exactly.  One woman I know lives in Colorado and has chosen a life in nursing. Her days are filled with helping people who may or may not be appreciative.   Her dream was to provide an important service and knowing how smart she is, perhaps she is interested in being a witness to the human. As a traveling nurse, she actually moves around the country and works in different states. Each hospital has its own structure and rules and order and characteristics. Hospitals are places of many things. Birth. Illness. Fear. Science. Miracles.  Becoming a nurse was her desire, but the environment and place she is in may or may not make her happy. Yet, she fuels up and heads  out to do this dream, despite the dreary aspects.
When we find ourselves doing what we had hoped to be doing, but something is missing in the dream, it can be useful to check our perspective.
Let’s do a Check In with these four questions:

  • What is my mission or purpose ?
  • What is my intention (in this moment, in this day, in this career)?
  • Who do I want to include in my experience?
  • Which beliefs support my mission, and what beliefs hold me back?

How many people do you know are actually conscious of their mission or purpose? Are they drifters letting life happen? Do they blame others (family, politicians, cultures) for their problems?  Our students work on their missions, so they have a focus. Once that is worked out with intentions, people and beliefs then they are fueled!  It takes a little time to separate the ideas of what other people want us to do. Then check what you believe is possible and taking action.
When you bump into the wayward soul who has no direction and “fire” inside to fuel them they can become driftwood. Driftwood in the rivers bumps into boats and gets in the way. Driftwood can also build up to the point of creating a dam, and blocking energy. If there is driftwood, get it out of your way.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes as Directed by Intention

When you feel fueled with intention, you have that drive and can meet up with obstacles and work through them.
I remember a time when I was a teenager and really wanted to go to my friend’s house. Overnight the winter snow storm covered everything with a few feet of snow. Snow plows made it through, but the driveway needed shoveling. I wanted to go out, but I didn’t want to shovel snow, but for this time when I wanted to visit my friend, all this energy came available and I HAPPILY shoveled our driveway, the sidewalk, and sat in the car while it was warming so my mother would drive me.
Enthusiasm I felt in that moment fired me up, fueled me up, and was contageous! People in other houses came out when they heard me shoveling, and joined in the activity around their houses. What a funny thing!
The point here is that I intended to visit my friend and I believed I could do it with actions that would support everyone involved. I was fueled.
Enriching the lives of others is what Rich and I desire to do. We’d like to enrich your life. Let us know what you are interested in and how we can help.