Show mom you love her.

Show mom you love her.

Mother’s Day is almost here.  Do you KNOW a mother you love and adore?  Birth or adoption – this lady took on the responsibility and did her best.  How do you show gratitude?  Here are five ways to show mom you love her.

As I was growing up, my mother was the central figure in my world. My father was busy working and keeping a roof over our head, so mom stayed at home and managed the animals – us.  She was there when we needed her the most. She could have been many things, but she chose to take care of little people who messed up the house, demanded food, and expected to receive special gifts for being alive.  Would you be willing to take a few moments and consider what you could do for a woman in your life who has given you or someone you know the gifts of mothering, so we can make someone feel good inside?

Five Ways to Show Mom You Love Her

1)   Call her personally on the phone and tell her, “I love you, mom!”

2)   Buy her a sump pump and install it in her leaky basement.

3)   Take her out for quality time, and enjoy a meal, a movie together, or be with her and simply listen.

4)   Make her a gift or order flowers and send your gift, wrapped with love.

5)   Hold her hand or give her a hug.


My mother was the one to dry the tears with her words. Situations came up in our house like when my father yelled at my brother for walking in the newly poured cement. Or when I cried because a child was mean at school. Words can be said that can hurt or heal. Mom would sit on the side of our beds, listen to us, and explain, “He doesn’t mean to make you feel sad when he yelled. It’s just his way. He was worried. He may not say it, but he loves you. Are you okay?”  When it came to other kids, she would say, “throw those words in the garbage. See? Doesn’t that feel better?”  I still remember an old metal trashcan with an image of fire on it. Kids would say mean words and I’d look forward to coming home and throwing them in that trashcan.  Her words of understanding smoothed the rocky waters then … and even now. I love you mom!


Chicken Soup

Chicken soup makes it better. – Cat Wilson

Mom inspired me as a child (and still does). I used to wake up to the smell of her baking blueberry muffins or the sound of bacon sizzling in a pan in the kitchen. Other days she sang with the canary or talked with the birds and dogs.

Her love of cooking, music, and animals – birds and dogs and other small animals – seeped through to me. She washed our clothes, shopped for all we needed, and took care of us when we all had the flu.  When we were well enough to eat, a bubbling pot of soup steamed up the kitchen windows and warmed our tummies. Liquid love in a soup.

When the school activities such as gymnastics, choir, and teacher-parent conferences invited her in, she showed up. She even helped make the costumes and got involved in civil activities, like scout meetings.  All acts of service out of love. I love you, mom!


On the weekends that my father did relax, he took my brothers hunting or fishing.  Mom and I would plan on making something and enjoy the time for just girls. We sewed, baked, and danced in the living room, waltzing to Polka music.  After I grew up, she would call me on the phone or visit. Every few years she would splurge and fly out to visit. She took the time to come out and attend the birth of one of my daughters, my graduation from university, and visit for the sake of taking a photo in front of the flowers. Thank you for the quality time, Mom!


Gramma Gifts

Gramma Gifts – Cat Wilson

My mother takes the time to put together gifts and send cards for all occasions.  It wasn’t until I was an adult that she would tell me how she saved a small portion of the money my father gave her from the food budget for gifts. She would clip coupons, wait for sales, and pick up good deals from garage sales. Then she had enough money stashed away to get my brothers the little metal cars they loved and present me with the art supplies I wanted.

Luggage was a wonderful gift she gave me at high school graduation, after I told her that I wanted to travel. It must have been hard for her to think after all that effort of being a mother that the day would come where her children would leave.

She still sends gifts to each and every single one of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren for birthdays and holiday. Each one of the children receives a box with carefully picked out toys and new clothes. A sweet card filled with words and her heartfelt, “Love, Gramma.” Words are all she asked for appreciation.

“Thank you so much, mom, for all the gifts you so lovingly pick out and give for everyone!”


I meet family and friends and some great people I know with a hug. Thank my mother for getting me started. When we came home as children, mom taught us that we could look forward to her welcome. She hugged us tight.  You may shake hands with business people as a greeting. Perhaps you know the feeling of being hugged by someone you appreciate. It feels good doesn’t it? My mother’s hug smells like sweet lotion and cookies. Sometimes-spicy spaghetti.  Simply touching someone’s hand can pass a special warmth from one human to another.  If you can … go and visit, hug your mom. If you can’t for any reason, close your eyes and imagine hugging her.


Yes, I realize that the Internet seems to be the answer to our questions. There is a sweet joy, however, in calling my mother and asking her how to grow flowers or what to do for the flu to feel better. Yes, I know there are doctors and magazines and lots of places to get knowledge. My mom is still on the planet, and it feels good to connect with her and let her know that she is valuable to me and has knowledge I appreciate. My mother may not have a college degree, but she has a “PhD in Love” and I want to connect and let her know I appreciate her wisdom.

In my years of being a mother, I know I gave it my all.  All my resources of words, acts, time, gifts, touch and wisdom were given with love. It’s easy for people to forget. Mom remembers you, though.

Who Are Mothers?

By the way, some women never give birth, but they were mothers of other people’s children. Neighbors, aunts, adopted moms.  Even mothers of animals. You may know someone with an animal, where the pet is their child. They deserve honoring, too! Many a puppy, kitten, hamster, and even wild animals have befriended humans. Mothers are people who cared for someone with compassion.

A Book Suggestion

Share Kind Words

Share Kind Words by Cat Wilson

Mother’s Day is almost here.  Maybe you had a wonderful mom and give her lots of appreciation. Do  you know a woman who has children who do not know how to love her? Find a way and show this mom some love. Even if the years were difficult it is never too late! Forgive and forget. Remember that we are always doing the best we can based on the context and our resources.

You can start a new tradition and learn the language of how to love yourself. Learn how people can show love through different ways of being.  Read the book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.  It’s a story that explains how people can express heartfelt commitment to their mate, and it’s a book of understanding for all people. I know a man who bought this book for Mother’s Day and gave it to all his family to read and discuss. Enjoy each other and enjoy the different ways of showing love.

Happy Mother’s Day!