Get the Message Right

Get the Message Right – photo by Cat Wilson

What does one do when waiting or visiting in a hospital? Mostly read. Papers, pamphlets, and lots of signs on the walls.  As I sit in one room, waiting for the patient to return, I notice the sign by the bed.  “Call, don’t fall.”  A picture forms in my head and I imagine falling. Oops.
When people read signs, they usually remember the latest command. In the case of this sign, if I was groggy and coming out of surgery, in following the directions, I would probably fall. Why? Because part of me is out of it and I’m just getting the last part.  I wonder if anyone tested this sign for success?

Get the Message Right

Communication is a tricky thing in order to get the message right. It needs to be well thought out and then communicated in the right order. Otherwise, it can go in a strange direction.
Consider if instead of, “Ready, set, go!” the person directing a race said, “Go, ready, set!” The runners might just “set” a spell. You want them to “GO!”

Quiet Please - photo by Cat Wilson

Quiet Please – photo by Cat Wilson

As I walked around the hospital, I noticed an area with a peaceful feeling, a quiet setting with comfortable chairs and more reading material.  This sign reminded visitors to be courteous to the patients:  “Quiet Please, Patient Healing In Progress.”  A Helen Steiner book sat on the table to occupy a busy mind and some hospital pamphlets waited behind as well. Nice communication!
Want to Learn More About Communication, Listening, and Therapeutic Sponsorship?
Call Cat and ask about a special class we will come and teach at your business.  It is a class about how to listen. We can customize it to fit your organization, group, or church.  It’s called, “Listening” or “Therapeutic Sponsorship.”  When people listen they befriend all who enter their space. Imagine what may be possible when your group listens with compassion and intent.

Signs of Communication

Take a look around you and notice the signs. Are there any that you would like to rearrange for clear communication?
Ready? Set … Go!