Stress is something you face when life is not going your way. What if you had a 1-hour pass to peace of mind? Want to get a “reframe”?


Family members may love you and you may love them, but you may not like each other. When you know you are going to be around people who are different than you, embrace the changes.

So what if they have a different view? Smile, laugh, and say, “Interesting.”

Then breathe in and let it go.

After all, what does it matter? Do you want to invest your energy in an argument on politics when you have one or two days to think of peace and love?

For one day, you get a pass. Let go of the opinions and roles you normally play and pretend for one day that you are a man or woman of peace. Breathe in. Let it go.


Travel can wear you down. It’s not just the driving to get there, but the weather and concerns of how much it costs, and even the places, like restaurants or homes you are not as comfortable in. Perhaps the temperature is too cold or hot. Empaths, people who are sensitive around others, need quite spaces.

I sat in a plane and the person next to me took up half my seat as well as their own and then they asked to use my tray table.

I felt inconvenienced, but thought, “It must be really hard for them.  I wonder how much courage it took for this person to make a plane reservation?”

I chose a mindset of compassion. A reframe.

Yes, I was uncomfortable in this place, but knew it was temporary. Part of me hurt being so tight and I said, “I’m feeling a special sensation.” Breathe and Relax. I also got up a few times to stretch.

If you are not in a plane, but a building, take an opportunity to step out and make time for you in a private space. Even if you are with family you can go for a walk, step into a restroom, or open a novel and travel to a different place.


Are you an introvert or an extravert? Not everyone likes to play holiday games or shop.

If an activity is uncomfortable, even a concert, then make a decision. Is this something I can handle once? Do I feel really uncomfortable or stressed doing this? My daughter is really into her church concert, and many people love it.

I am overwhelmed in a crowded atmosphere. I feel like a sardine in a can. Although the singing is beautiful, it’s too loud for me.  I love that she enjoys this, and when asked if I want to go I respond, “No, thank you for the invitation. I appreciate it and will think of you there.”

Remember that “No” is a complete sentence.


My son sent me a text, “Mom, please don’t buy any gifts. My wife and I are trying to declutter.”

My heart dropped. I felt really sad, because I purchase gifts throughout the year and had purchased their gifts months ago. Yet, I need to honor their need to take care of what they asked.

I realized they were trying to create a harmonious home within their space, and if faced with more stuff I was not supporting that harmony. What will I do with the gifts? I’ll find someone else who the gifts would be appreciated or gift a charity.

If you like to gift “things” and someone is more into “experiences” then honor their request.

Maybe a gift certificate for an experience would be better.

Tips on Holiday Stress

  • Breathing in and out is relaxing whenever you sense holiday stress.
  • Reframing “pain” to “sensation” can make a difference in your mind and body.
  • If you feel pain, telling yourself this is a “special” sensation can change the sensation.
  • Envisioning your happy place can move your mind.
  • Eating healthy food and avoiding caffeine or drugs will relax you.
  • Meditation and mindfulness will bring you a shield of love and peace.
  • Smile – anyway.


You’ve probably been reading a lot of holiday stress ideas, and I hope this blog offers something new.  In the meantime, I’m willing to do my part to help you even further.

Hypnotherapy, Coaching, and EFT are just three things that can help and Apositiva is here to help you.

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