Happy Workaholics Day

Running like horses.

What “wild card” did you draw from your deck? Is it the “Running Like Horses”? If so, today is your day to pick a movie and go watch it, or pick up the novel you haven’t finished and read it! ¬†Taking care of yourself with healthy balance in mind and body is what keeps the horse running.

Burning the Night Oil

If you thrive on chaos, burning the night oil, and dedicating your life to a machine you may be in bliss for a while (if you love your work), however, you will feel the fire like a burning house. You can take a walk at the Pittock Mansion or visit OMSI. You can walk to Starbucks and get a cup of coffee.

Come and Relax

You can even call Apositiva and schedule a session for what you want and need right now. We are happy to see you here at our lovely center in Portland, Oregon. If you want to see someone in your own neighborhood, we have many wonderful graduates of our Hypnotherapy training who can serve you. In Vancouver, you can contact Debbie Nesbitt at NW Medical Hypnosis.
Today is the official day to celebrate Workaholics. Go Celebrate!
Give Yourself a Break with Peace of Mind.
Using hypnosis to relax and bring more peace into your world can throw a little water on that burning house. We are happy to show you how this feels. In Portland, Oregon, simply call Rich or Cat at 503-525-0595 or text us at 503-525-0594.

Flat Stanley relaxes on Workaholic Day at Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon with Rich and Cat.