Adults and college students come in for hypnotherapy and work through habits, confidence, and health, So, how about children? Can hypnosis and NLP help young people? Yes.
Cat has been working with children for many years. Children have needs that can be met in a session using hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT. Parents have brought their children in for bedwetting, thumbsucking, fears, homework and spelling skill building and so much more.
One little girl came in and I used a story with her. She had one particular challenge that we worked on that day, and I did a butterfly session with her. A week later she returned and said she had listened to her special story every night and used her imagination to make it easier for her to do what she needed. In addition, she was now using her butterfly to help her do many more successful experiences.
We experience life through our senses, and this is the media of hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). If you know someone who has a child who could benefit, let them know about Cat Wilson. She’s available Tuesday through Sunday, 10am till 7pm by appointment.
In addition to sessions with Cat Wilson, “Opening” Blue Butterfly is available for purchase with book and CD.  Ask about the download option for the audio.
To schedule a personal session, simply call to arrange for your special little person. Children get special attention. Call Cat at (503)525-0595 or text Cat at (503)816-5104.