Because we are human by Al Luckow

Because we are human – Photo by Al Luckow

Every day we wake up. The sky is there, the body has it’s sensations. We live each day and fight hard to have what we think we want. Yet, why does any of it matter? In my brain of Cat Wilson I am curious. In the light of a life snuffed what do you think about?
Recently, we all heard the sad news of one of our best leaving the planet. Robin Williams has dotted my past memories with laughter and joy. When I heard of how he closed the last chapter of  his book I wept. I read books about him, his movies are in my library, and every now and then I smile when I think of his “goofy charisma.”  He marked my life with such energy. I wish I could tell his daughter how much he was loved.
Looking around me I see old houses where people lived … Victorian homes dot the block where Apositiva lives. Who were those people? They designed and built these buildings 100 years ago or more. Walking along the blocks near our training center, I feel history and also the new future which is being built among these historic buildings. I wonder about the people.
Victorian House Sketch by Richard H. Wilson

Victorian House Sketch by Richard H. Wilson

One hundred and two hundred years ago, ladies and gentlemen, farmers and immigrants walked these hills and planted themselves. They grew businesses in Portland, Oregon, and found friends. They fell in love and had families. Politics played, churches sprouted, and children grew up, got educated, developed careers, and advanced the area with their stories. Then they died. So much happened before I arrived.
As I imagine what happened around me, maybe in the same place where you may come and sit, I wonder about who may have sat in that room and what they talked about. What have these walls heard and guarded? Sacred moments. Sacred space. Ideas and dreams were planted and grew here into the social gardens in which we play.
Yet, walking past many of these old buildings, churches, gardens, many of the founding people are dead. Many of their lives forgotten by most of the people who live here now. Yet, I wonder about them now, even though I never knew them. Some people were Heroes / Heroines who focused their life for a future and a society they would never meet.
Why did their life matter … to them? What did they do that made time worth while for them? Who were they?  I appreciate them. I wish I could tell them, just like Robin Williams. I am benefiting from their work, because they lived and gave of their ideas and passions.
Every day you and I, and everyone gets up. Goes to school, work, or tends the gardens of our life. There is struggle and joy and learning, and why does living your life matter? Robin Williams, you made me laugh when I needed laughter. God bless you. Thank you.
Because We Are Human
Cat Wilson, Coach Trainer

Cat Wilson, Coach Trainer

Yet, why does any of it matter? Why do we do what we do? I think it is because we are complex creatures with gifts that we don’t understand. Someday … after all is said and done … we may connect the dots and it will all come together. Or someone may benefit from the action you took, and ponder in the moment about you. I coach people to action.
Why does it matter to find happiness, love, joy, even feel sadness and push ourselves to become and do?  I believe … because we are human.
A human comes with seeds of possibility. Your life offers you opportunities, which can lead to building your character. As Joseph Campbell said, “Life evokes character.” Be the highest and best possible you. Do it .. just because we are human. We are here at Apositiva with coaches who listen and walk with you. Call us today.