Mindfulness Focus

Mindfulness Focus with Cat Wilson

In our daily life we have 24 hours a day. How you use it is up to you. For those of you who get a fleeting idea from the Muse or schedule time to meditate or mindfulness or any special activity that brings you joy, it is important to learn tools to honor your spaces.

Interrupted from the Dream?

A Muse arrived for you today! It’s the answer to your question! You have an idea and it’s hanging on by a thread. You grab a pen, reach for the notebook, and the pen meets the paper. Before you get going… Ring! Ring! You are interrupted. The phone. (Should you answer it?) Pffft! Gone. What now?
It’s time… the 20-minute space of time you reserved to meditate in the morning to clear your head is here. You sit in your special chair, creatures/pets are fed, folks are occupied, and so you begin clearing your energy and relaxing your mind and body to begin meditation. Knock! Knock! You are interrupted. The door. (Should you answer it?) Quickly you get up, only to find someone using 15 minutes of your attention for a magazine subscription. Pffft! Gone. How can you honor your space?
Rich showed me years ago how valuable moments can be. I saved a time to learn how to dance – a long-awaited dream for me.  To show up took courage for me, but it also took the discipline of setting the time aside and going once a week. My reward for honoring this time to learn and show up was meeting Rich. He asked me to dance on the ballroom dance floor and the rest is history. In that one moment, my life changed in many ways. Since that time we have been dance partners, and meshed in many evolving ways.  The sum value for saving this time was making the dream real and enjoying an evolving relationship. Had I not honored my dream I would have missed out. I want to encourage you make your dream real.
Do you have a dream? Some people call them goals, but you may “daydream” and wish you could enjoy an experience that looks or sounds good to you. How about allowing you permission to feel it coming to fruition? A Master in life wears the cloak of experience. Be a Master of your life! Here are some steps.

Steps to Honor Space

  • Decide what you want, small or big.
  • Realize the ways this dream is important to you.
  • Give yourself permission.
  • Set aside a brief time every day.
  • Let others who are nearby know that you need space.
  • Interruptions can be stopped with this simple act. LET IT GO.  Unless it’s an emergency, it can wait 20-30 minutes.
  • Turning phones off and placing a sign on the door “In Session” can make a difference.
  • For people interrupting that you care about, use these words: “In fairness to you and me, I’m in a sacred space. I’ll be available in 30 minutes (pick time). Thanks for understanding.”
Stream of Consciousness with Cat Wilson

Stream of Consciousness with Cat Wilson

Begin with Time

When you decide on a dream, make it happen with little steps and begin with time for you. First, give yourself permission and then go for it. It’s interesting how often I hear that a person does not feel worthy of doing something. We all can learn to feel worthy to have a better life. You’ll find that it’s easier to honor others and their dreams when you honor yours, too.
Honor Yourself, and Others.  Also, when you see that some one you know is involved in a moment for themselves, remember to step aside and write a note for them and come back later. Honoring others show how good it feels to be honored. By the way, Rich just walked up and set a cup of tea next to my desk as I am writing to you. A good example.
This one action that we do today by stopping an interruption and giving time to feeding our dreams can help in changing the world, and making it a happier place. Begin with your world, set aside time now to honor your dream.
This is Cat Wilson, and I’m here to inspire you to make your dreams real.  Feel free to give yourself permission to contact me, when it looks like a good time for you. We’ll make it happen together. In a class, a session, or a phone call. Call 503-525-0595.