We all know that feeling—the one that says we’re missing something important from our life. In our busy, noisy modern world, it’s all too easy to neglect a part of what we need to be whole. Some aspect of our health, wealth, and happiness becomes a “maybe someday” or “I wish I could”. Over time, we can stop believing in our dreams and start believing that they will never come true. When we internalize limiting patterns like this, we forget that nothing is truly impossible. By releasing beliefs that hold us back, we can reset our focus on what we really want: a prosperous and complete life, however we define that for ourselves.
The Courage to Prosper webinar is about learning to flourish by discovering a state of resilience and fulfillment, no matter what circumstances life sends our way. Together, we’ll get unstuck from those habituated patterns that hold us back and replace them with a mindset of abundant growth. Of course, this is easier said than done. The framework we’ll share and the tools you’ll learn have been tested in years of coaching practice at Apositiva and our previous editions of Courage to Prosper. Tuition to the webinar also includes two follow up online coaching sessions to keep you accountable and moving towards your goals.
Join us online May 18 and 19 for:
1. An easy, mindful, calm, and centered place
2. Expanding your ideas about courage and prosperity
3. Getting more clarity on how you can flourish
4. Uncovering limiting beliefs that have you stuck
5. Encouraging positive change from old stuck patterns
6. Designing a textured state for greater everyday courage
7. Deciding that it’s okay to have what you want, sooner than later
8. Waking up feeling more fulfilled and having more energy
At the webinar, we will co-create a supportive and encouraging environment of fellow seekers awakening and tapping into our personal strength. Consider this a supercharged self care routine, for those who are ready to have more fulfillment. It is time to prosper, and you are worth it! We hope to see you online for lots of learning, and of course, lots of laughing too. For a taste of what you can expect, we’re hosting a free online teaser on May 5th at 7pm PST. Get all of the details on Courage to Prosper here.