kids 2Storytelling can be a very rich experience. It can entertain, delight, and teach. My mom used to tell us stories on the rocking chair… ah … fond memories.
During the Growing Coach Training we told our favorite children’s stories. Students practiced getting into a curious, child-like state of fascination in youth, like when kids are 5, 7, 9, 11.
Everyone enjoyed the listening experience – it opened ears to curiosity and child-like imagination. When you are in this state, you see the world with new eyes and hear words with anticipation. And, telling the children’s stories brought up a new story.
It was a dinner party where adults and children were present. You know how much fun you can have in this mix. After being served, one of the children tasted the food and said, “this taste like dog food!”
The adults gasped.
The hostess said, “How do you know? Have you ever tasted dog food?”
“Yes,” said the child.
“And did you like it?” the hostess asked.
“Yes,” said the child.
“Well, then, I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you.”
The dinner party was a success! People laughed. Relieved.
Where did your thoughts go when the words were first spoken? Sometimes there is a story behind the story.

Listen with Open Ears.

Ken IversonHeard a good story lately? When someone takes the time to share a good story, listen with open ears and an open mind. Stories reflect something special coming from the one sharing the tale. A small gift from them to you. When they say, “And did you like it?” share your joy and appreciation.
Collect good stories to share with family and friends. Retelling our favorite stories reignites the heart! It can reawaken memories of times when you were young or gathered with people sharing fun. It can remind you of what you learned, and that you can still learn in an entertaining way from other’s stories.

And Did You Like it?

Teaching with good story-telling skills enhances the experience. Anyone who has been to Apositiva’s classes will tell you that our training programs are filled with stories. Rich Aanrich keeps you laughing and having fun while learning.  Ken Iverson is a wonderful storyteller, and he brings his teaching in story form to Apositiva in Portland, Oregon.  All stories shared are with permission, but many are from the storyteller’s lives.

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