Awakening to a month called “March” is motivating! This action word makes me feel the marching, moving, motivating state of being. We relate “marching” to going forward. You may even remember being at a parade where you watched and heard people in a marching band, twirling batons and playing instruments.
As the band played, they marched, taking one step and another and another, and going forward on the parade plan as they played their music. They were focused and moving in step.
What is your parade plan? What is your music? What do you play? An instrument, a family, a relationship, a hobby, a business?
Do you have the direction planned out from where you are to where you are going? Do you want to begin this March and take steps forward? Let’s do it!

Make Your March By Setting Intention

Here are some questions to ask yourself to make your march. Grab your pen and paper, and write answers now while you are here.
“Energy flows where attention goes as directed by intention.”
First, begin with what you want and an intention.
What do you want? More enjoyment? Better relationships? Do you intend to evolve into a higher and better you? Do you want more enjoyment?
Now ask, “Why?”  This is your intention! For example: Do you want to have better health so you can have more energy… so you intend to make healthier choices in food? Make a statement personal to what matters most to you.
Make it Simple
1)   Write a statement for one “march.”  
“I (NAME) intend to (have more enjoyment in my work).”
2)   Why is this important? What will it bring you?
“It’s important for me to have more enjoyment in my work, so I can look forward to seeing a happier place and feel relaxed while I produce _________________ and receive more satisfaction inside of me and from others.
3)   Visualize yourself enjoying your work more by adding music, the smell of something delicious, or feeling yourself in flow.
Congratulations! You are on your “march” forward!
It sounds simple, right?
It is when you begin with a want, an intention, and a vision.
Is having a more enjoyable life the way you want to be? Is this the way you want to march forward? Some people prefer other routes to their march.

Away From and Towards

You can imagine terrible things happening if you don’t get what you want. In NLP we refer to this as “moving away from.” If I don’t get more enjoyment I will be grumpy at work.
When you imagine the enjoyment you will feel as though you are “moving towards” what you want.  When I get more enjoyment I will feel more relaxed and smile and feel happier.
Each method has its process, which can motivate you. Moving towards what you want will produce happier hormones like oxytocin and seratonin. Scaring or stressing yourself will pump a hormone called cortisone through your brain and body, which can leave you exhausted.  It’s up to you! Only you will know.

Choose Your March with a Guide

Imagine how much better your life can get by starting to move forward this March! Some people like the synergy they get with another person, like guides and coaches. If you are one of those people, and you are ready to move forward, I would be honored by witnessing your parade!  May I be your guide? You can reach me at Apositiva, where we will plan your process the way you want with your intentions.
March Forward with Your Intentions.