Listen – by Cat Wilson

As you sit back or wonder how and where you flourish, I wonder, “Have you put yourself in that place and circumstance?” I hope you discover and follow your whimsical dreams in the highest and best possible scenario.
In the few hours, moments before the time machine switches over, I would like to offer you this wish for 2016. “May you flourish”.  Here are some wishes for you on your journey.

Wish #1 – May you be heard.

May your friends, colleagues, family, and even strangers hear your ideas. May you feel open and free to share them and make the world a better place and may you flourish.

Grow - by Cat Wilson

Grow – by Cat Wilson

Wish #2  – May you grow

May you find an interest that captures your skills and works with your mind, heart, and spirit. And may this make you grow and thrive and flourish in such a way that life has meaning and joy and laughter!

Wish #3 – May you know compassion

Compassion - by Cat Wilson

Compassion – by Cat Wilson

In the moments when you feel alone, lost, fearful, may others have compassion and welcome you into their hearts.
May you take the time in solitude to find the spirit of kindness for yourself as you do for others.
And when you see a person alone, in need of something you can give may you reach out and offer your hand.
Remember that each of us with have their time of need. Your time will come, too.

Wish #4 -May you follow your highest right

Compass - by Cat Wilson

Compass – by Cat Wilson

May you know your highest right. According to Richard Bach in his writing, this means what you do the best and where your heart leads you to succeed. This may not be what others want or care about, but it is what calls your spirit.
May you hold the compass and ask yourself, “Is this your highest right?”  Be inspired!
Thank you for being interested in my thoughts and ideas. I’m so grateful for all the people I have been able to serve and offer what I do and love (and I do love what we do here). Remember that this is your time, too. Meet your highest and best possible scenario. May you flourish!