Morrie and His Ability by Cat Wilson

Morrie and His Ability by Cat Wilson

Storytelling is one of the oldest means for communicating.  Do you enjoy a tale about super heroes?  How about fantasy tales that bring a lesson? Here is one for kids (and adults). I wrote “Morrie and His Ability” in 1983. This story was originally written to inspire my children when they felt bullied by other kids.
First, a little thought about why we tell stories. Once upon a time, stories were used to pass on information, knowledge, and teach. Stories were told with expression, gestures, and the delivery of the story depended on whatever else the storyteller could bring. Experience, character, and skills all contributed. Storytellers in a tribe may have been called upon to inspire the people. I hope “Morrie and His Ability” will inspire you to notice how you are unique and special.

Morrie and His Ability

By Cat Wilson
Once upon a grape vine in a field, lived a bunch of grapes. They were of the purple grape variety of grapes. Each grape started out as a little sour green ball and grew larger and larger. Each grape changed color, too. Every grape except Morrie.
Morrie was smack in the middle of the bunch of grapes.

Morrie and His Ability on Vine

Morrie was a green grape in a purple bunch.

He was growing, but he was not turning purple. He was growing into a big green grape!
Now, this may seem unimportant to you or me, but it was very important for Morrie to turn purple. Each grape was supposed to turn purple in Morrie’s bunch of grapes.

Grape Bullies

The other grapes would tease Morrie, too, which hurt his feelings.
“Hey, Morrie! Just who are you to stay green?”
“Didn’t your Mommy ever show you how to turn purple?”
“Why don’t you just purple-up like everyone else, Morrie?!”
The other purple grapes laughed and laughed. This made Morrie very, very sad.

Sage Advice and Inspiration

Cloudy with Chance of SunMorrie did not want to stay a green grape.  He just didn’t know what to do to make himself purple. He worried and worried.  Finally, one day, he decided to talk to the Sun.
“Sun, what can I do to turn purple?” Morrie asked.
The sun answered him, “Morrie, each grape has the ability to do something.  If you look hard you will find what you can do, and you will find something good about your ability.”
Then the sun rose high, high, high in the sky and shined.  The sun warmed the grapes in the field.  The sun smiled.  Everything was filled with sunshine!
Everything, that is, except Morrie.  He was confused.

Who Am I?

What did the sun mean?  Ability?  What was Morrie’s ability?  Morrie remembered when he was just a tiny grape.  He would wonder who he was.  Morrie would say to the other grapes, “Who am I?”
The other grapes were so busy turning purple, that they did not answer him.  They would just purple and grow, purple and grow.
Oh, well, thought Morrie, I will wait and see.  Maybe my ability will be easier to find tomorrow.  Just when Morrie was falling asleep for a nice afternoon nap, he heard a laugh. He opened his eyes.  What do you think he saw?
A dog? No.
A bird? No.

Morrie and His Ability

Morrie and His Ability

Morrie saw a “Purple Grape Eater” and the Purple Grape Eater was picking the biggest, most purple grapes and eating them!
Morrie was very frightened!  He wanted to hide and he couldn’t even move.  But the Purple Grape Eater never saw him because Morrie did not have the ability to look purple.  He was green!
Suddenly Morrie remembered what the Sun had said.
“Each grape has the ability to do something.”
Morrie had the ability to stay green!  When he looked up, he saw the Purple Grape Eater hopping away.  Morrie sure was happy!  And he was very glad to know that he had such an ability to stay green!
Moral of the Story:  We are all unique and wonderful beings, with special abilities. Look for your gifts and use the unusual ones that you own. Be creative. Be unique. Be YOU!

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