So Much by Cat Wilson

So Much by Cat Wilson

It’s a crazy time of year. Religions have rituals. Families have visits. Friends gather. Businesses are busy helping people, and all are taking care of so much. So much!
Humans are full of energy. There is so much excitement this time year that the space may be overwhelming with energy around you. Energy filled with anticipation, joy, aggravation, fear, worry, sadness, curiosity, and even happiness mixed with all of the above – an unusual mix. We may travel through the Hills of Turbulence, the Valley of Despair, the River of Confusion, the Lake of Loneliness, and the Pasture of Possibilities.
When you find yourself in a place that pressures or disturbs you, or has a different energy than what you want, take two steps to the side, two steps back, and stand away!
Humans can clear the energy that pressures them for change when they feel stuck by simply shifting position. Whether it is from chaos or incredible joy, moving and shifting to a different position can give you more perspective. Here are some suggestions and you may get some ideas of your own.
Billion Wish Flower by Rick Wilson

Billion Wish Flower by Rick Wilson

If you are with a group of people and are feeling pressured or overwhelmed, excuse yourself, and take a moment alone, and go to the Pasture of Possibilities.

  • “Excuse me I need to go to the restroom.”
    Take some time for yourself.
  • “I need to hydrate,”
    Go for a drink of water. It’s refreshing and gives you time and maybe a little walk.
  • “I need to stretch my legs.”
    Go for a brief walk to a nearby site in nature or to a window in the building or skyscraper you are in, and take a long gaze at the view before you.
  • “Pardon me, my hands are sticky.”
    Clear away the stuff by washing your hands and face. Use some lotion for a smoother.

So Much

The point of the Pasture of Possibilities is to get out of the space and energy you are in, get up and moving, and stand away when you feel stuck or overwhelmed with energy from inside of you or outside. When you return you may find that you feel fresh and so much better. You never know what new possibilities and answers can appear in a clear space So much clearer. So much.
Remember you are so much more than you know.
Apositiva offers Big “C” Coaching. It’s Your Time!  Discover how to create spaces that work for you and allow yourself to become so much more!

Pasture of Possibilities by Cat Wilson

Cat Wilson, Co-Create

If you are wanting to step away, I am Cat Wilson, known as a Coach for transformation, spiritual discovery, and co-creating.  I’d be delighted to walk in the Pasture of Possibilities to coach you into peaceful places, wonderful spaces, and enjoy your time.
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Rich Aanrich
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