By Cyn Wilson
I have been learning the guitar lately…for three months steadily. However, for some reason I was not able to switch from chord to chord as easily as I would have thought by now. I was also feeling a bit down as the songs I desired to play were not in my possession…nor was I up to date on such music either. A friend recommended a great site to learn new songs though; great website too!
I kept on practicing songs I had with the knowledge I had; still my practice with the instrument was just not where I wanted it to be. Then it clicked…why was I not using some of tools for guided imagery I had learned to help me out? Bingo! So, I wrote a script for myself to feel more confident in my play and practice of the instrument. It was so effortless and easy to write the script I needed to tell myself to believe I could and would play the guitar well. I still practice the instrument…I know it is a silly fantasy to just ‘wake up one day and play the guitar perfectly.’
So, I record the script onto CD with instrumental guitar music in the background. I use the CD recording for myself before my practice sessions a few times. I also proceed to make an investment in a couple more guitar tools any guitarist would need. So, I have the tools, and just for fun I finally look at the website my friend recommended to me. I find so many cool songs! I get really excited…I look for songs I like, that have chords I know I can play at this time.
Wow what a difference having all the new tools made in my guitar play! I had fun playing with strumming patterns and playing new songs! I even found a different chord progression for a song I have been working on playing for the last three months. The chords were easy to play; I found however I liked the version I was learning already…and found it easier to play.
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