By Cat Wilson
Calendars remind us, temperatures dip, leaves dress up in gold and red, and then it happens! An instinct, something inside. Feel that tingly twitch, the switch that flicks inside you? What does it say? How do you respond when the weather changes? Let’s talk about nuts, acorns, and seeds.
Nuts! A little something would be nice to crunch on, as I hear the sounds of dried leaves and branches crunching under my feet. As well, I see remnants on the ground, shells of the nut meats dropped from the trees. When my first child was little we used to gather walnuts and crack them open, munching on these nut meats and enjoying that we found them in nature. Sounds and flavors like this are music to my ears, and along with the breezy winds, blowing my hair, relax me as my mind opens to a refreshing experience! Ahhhhhh. When you feel chilly, or your mind fogs over, or if the stress gets to you, and you feel nuts, take a walk.
Acorns. On our walks, we’ve gathered acorns. We bring them home and set them in a dish outside our window for visitors. Scrub jays and squirrels come to snatch a quick breakfast, and give us a treat with the vision of them on our porch. These creatures seem to know we set these treats out in the morning, so they consistently wait outside our window and squawk when they see movement at the window by our table. Funny thing. Inviting these visitors and sharing food makes me feel connected to nature. As humans we, too, need to connect with nature, and our community. Make some soup and invite visitors to join you.
Seeds. My family is most precious to me. Whether they care or not, I do, and it feels good to me to give them a call or send a note. Sometimes I simply leave a message with a silly song and they may or may not respond, but something in me is happy. Sending a card to friends is fun. Nothing fancy, just a quick, “Hi, how are ya?” Conversation isn’t perfect, not filled with a list of grandeur achievements, but rather, “I was thinking of you.” Friends, family, old time club or work colleagues that we have shared activities with in our lifetime are the people of our life. Your Peeps. Every person you meet becomes a part of you and your growth. Just like seeds in a garden, you planted these people in your heart for a loving harvest. Send a thought.
As you enjoy your acorns, nuts, and seeds, remember that giving yourself time at this time of year to cool down and mellow will bring you more peace of mind. I love the thought of those of you reading this now who might right now decide to take time for you.
Walk. Join. Love. Enjoy the season and remember all of us at Apositiva are here for you. When ready, connect with us at 503-525-0595.