Believe in Yourself by Rich Aanrich

One Loss Doesn’t Define You – Believe in Yourself by Rich Aanrich

The Oregon Ducks just lost the college football championship. Gosh! They are only Number 2!
People look at the one loss of the Duck’s Team and try to define them. In reality, if those people pull back and look at the last 10 years they find the Ducks have the best winning record in America!
Even though some would like to define them for one loss, what the Ducks know is that, in fact, they are winners!

One Loss Doesn’t Define You – You Have Many Successes!

How does that happen to some one, where they have done really well? Mostly, they did well in their life, however, others try to define them by one or two mistakes. Other people or even they – themselves –  try to define them. We invite you to pull back in your life and count the successes! Notice counting the successes, give yourself a BIG GOLD STAR, noticing in life that you have had many successes.
You are worth the time to enjoy taking a few moments to appreciate how much it takes to grow a human!
It’s time to define yourself as, “I am a success!”
Let’s talk Win Win Win! I’m Rich Aanrich, and open any time for Football conversation … or coaching you on recognizing your wins. You’ll find me here. Call 503-525-0595.