Luckow Wedding SeedsAnd in the morning, looking through a stack of stuff, I find seeds. In the morning seeds, I find one special and curious bundle. A seed bundle. Blue radiant light sparkled around the seed, and light colored the hue of a robin’s egg, except brilliantly touched with a pure white essence of sparkling, shimmering light.
As the seed shined it called me with a sound only I could hear. “Come closer,” it whispered, like a Muse on my island of curiosity and intense interest.
“Come! Pick me up, and I will grow a radiant bloom in you. It will take a little time, a little patience, a little light of wisdom, a little calm. Then, when you have taken care of these fruits you will receive others, too.”

Patience. Calm. Wisdom.

“How do you want to be planted?” I asked the radiant blue seed.
“In the places and fields barren of these fruits. In fields waiting to grow patience. In fields anxious for calm, and curious places seeking wisdom.

Waiting. Anxious. Curious.

So, I reached out my hands and a soft wind touched my spine, twinkling, shivering, tingling like a little pleasant jolt of energy!
In my waiting fields of inspiration and intuition was a place of nothingness. An empty, open field of clear space. Silence waited to sit with my silence. So, I sat for five minutes, then five more, and just a little more time. Then patience arrived and I felt a sweet breathe arrive in my being, and an old rusty wind leave. Patience. Sweet patience.
When I opened my mind field I found curiosity. An interesting open blank place that offered wonder, a promise of awe!  In this field I walked, making footprints on the earth, where pools of ideas gathered, ready for rain and sun and nourishment to gather and support the growing ideas where wisdom was now sprouting!
A soft breeze brought some pollen of anxiousness down on my head. Birds, little hatchlings, called anxiously from a field of trees. This anxious place surprised me, because I expected an empty field of dirt, but … instead I found newly hatching chicks in nests, sitting in the grove of trees. Nests waiting for a heart to feed and love them.
I went to the heart of the field of trees and discovered I had wings to fly like a bird, where I lightly rose on the breeze, bringing to the hungry mouths of the hatchlings of ideas … love and care. I left them with calm and received wisdom.
In the wedding of all these experiences, a synergism of something much better and lovelier now grew inside me.

Patience. Calm. Wisdom.

I looked up at the sky and saw clouds parting, opening to a beautiful blue azure sky … like a robin’s egg … shining with radiant light. I felt tingling in my spine, like a little pleasant jolt of energy.
In the open field of possibilities, I will meet you … and when you hear the whispers of your Muse calling you to plant the seeds I will walk with you in your garden.
Namaste, Cat Wilson