Planting Seeds for Your Future, as demonstrated by 4 O’Clock plants. from Cat Wilson on Vimeo.

This is a 4 O’Clock seed. It’s the end of the season. This is October and now that the flowers, the pretty little pink flowers are all gone, these little seeds are coming through.
Nature Lets Go of the Old and Makes Seeds for the Future

See that black thing right there on the side? That was one of the pretty blossoms that came through months ago.  It’s time is finished. You know, all of life changes.  Nature lets go of the past, making seeds for the future. At the end of the season you get these really interesting looking black seeds. This little seed will grow into a beautiful plant. It’s kind of interesting in a way, because I look at it and I think to myself, “Wow! I mean… it almost looks like a little grenade there!”

4 O Clock Blooming

4 O Clock Blooming – Cat Wilson

The plant grows into this big, beautiful bushy plant. And it has these lovely pink flowers on it. And, you can’t see the flowers now, because it’s past season, but you can see how it grows and how it responds to the sun, too, because, you see, this part of the plant had a lot of sun, and this part of the sun, that sun didn’t reach this little area here. But every part of it still had at least one potential. It knew it could get so far, and it worked with whatever it had.
It began with these seeds that were in the very middle of it. As you could see many of the seeds have already popped through from these, and there are some seeds that are still finishing their growth inside.
I can see inside of these little pockets here that there are some that are, you know, some have popped thru – I just pulled one off – I can see inside of here… there is one, and it’s still producing. I don’t want to open up the little thing too much if it’s not ready, because it’s like letting a chicken out of its egg. But it’s going to be a seed just like this that will grow into a plant … just like this.
Planting Seeds for Your Future
So, when I look at this beautiful plant it reminds me that people are like this, too. We can grow. We have a potential. It begins with planting your seeds, and giving it sunshine and earth and water and attention and love. It’s kind of what I do with coaching.
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