Your Present Will Be Your PastWant some enlightening thoughts regarding being a better you?  I was watching some pretty cool videos from online with my friends the last two Friday nights in October. They were enlightening videos about how single people can prepare to be in a committed relationship.
The videos talked about all the ways we can prepare ourselves by changing ourselves so we can be the loving, supporting person our future partner would desire and need. It got me thinking about myself and how close I was to being the kind of person someone else would want.  The right loving partner shares most of the same interests and values.  If I want someone to have certain characteristic and personality traits, why shouldn’t I try to be that person, too? This was a totally new concept to all those watching the videos; it all made perfect sense.
Did you ever see a video and then evaluate yourself on its recommendations?  When I evaluated myself, I found that I have come a long way in the last year.  I have become a transformational leader for myself. I have become better at mastering my personal life, because as I make the decision to do something in reaching my goals, then actually work toward that goal, it sure feels good!  I know when I reach my goals I will celebrate in a healthy way before moving on to more of this life’s adventures and opportunities! Do you want to get closer to who you want to be? Here are some affirmations.

Affirming Words To Inspire You

“I get much closer as each day closes and the next day begins. I look forward to all the rewards of reaching all my goals in life: love, finances and other achievements. It all starts today — right here, right now.”

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