Rest Stop - photo by Cat Wilson

Rest Stop – photo by Cat Wilson

When I feel the pull of the “Rest Stop,” because I’m tired, and follow the “time sign,” I find myself in the midst of other people – also stopping to rest.  It is in the “rest” places that I frequently witness great insight.
You may be familiar with how it can be for a parent or guardian when you are reading at home. Busy all day, you just settle in to the chair and the book in your hand, following the story … when you hear, “what are you doing?” You find a pair of eyes inquiring to your obvious, “I’m reading. Go play for a while and let me rest.”
“Didn’t you say you were reading?” the little sprite replies. “How can you rest when you’re reading?” They heard you the first time and their little minds are quick and deliver!
“Oh, yes. I am. I am reading and resting,” you reply.
“Can I rest and read with you?” They snuggle up. They are quiet for 30 seconds. “What are you rest-reading?”
Smiling, you try to explain, but this spy novel isn’t going to make any sense. Or perhaps you are reading a technical book, which you are fascinated in reading and know it would take a bit of explaining. Yet, you love the new word they gave you. “Rest-reading.”
I love the new vocabularies. the use of what little children heard you say. Perhaps even a better word usage, which actually makes sense. “Rest-reading.” I am rest-reading. Interesting The brilliance of young minds!
When you need to stop time and take time to rest while you read, it may be that you pick up a novel, an interesting book, a short story for your right brain to play around with while your left or logical brain figures something out. You may have been pressuring yourself to figure out a problem or something you were working on, and the book gives just enough distraction, so that other part can figure it out. You can get a whole new view!

Rest Stop

The next time you find yourself in front of the time sign for a rest stop, go ahead. Pick up a book and go rest-reading. It’s a wonderful time for a rest stop. Remember that Apositiva has hypnotherapy sessions also, which are wonderful for a rest stop. Feel free to give us a call and ask for a short session of the “Rest Stop.” I’ll meet you there.