IMG_0251Looking for support in developing a new skill?  Where do you go when you need a new look and some attention?  You go to a salon. Apositiva center is a “salon of learning” hypnosis, image work, mind-mapping, coaching, creativity, NLP, guided imagery, and more!


Fireplace chats in a cozy setting and fun creative presentations inside and outside bring a delightful atmosphere. We begin within a safe environment with bonding exercises.
Small groups of adults come together and bond. Each person has time to discuss their personal passion. Groups are small, so all can be heard.
Webinars. Attend some classes in your bunny slippers if you like.  Webinars add to the learning and yet provide the convenience of your own home. Recorded webinars mean you can watch later, too!
Mixed learning styles mean variations for interesting learning. Some groups who offer training in coaching actually do a lecture and leave it to you. Here we open understanding and deepen it with presentation, modelling and discussion.


DSC04077Feeling confident can have a lot to do with your choice of instructor.  I wonder how many places can offer “mentors” who have been practicing the art of helping with counseling, coaching, and hypnotherapy for over 20 years? Apositiva offers this kind of mentor.

What You Want

Are you looking for support in developing a new skill? Want to learn how to help yourself?  Come. Enter Apositiva, a “salon of learning” where you can get a new look, see through new eyes, and get an enriched sense of being with real attention.


Art of Learning by Cat Wilson

Art of Learning by Cat Wilson

People who pass through our doors tell us it feels like a safe haven. Apositiva offers a place to be heard. You get to be witnessed in your genius!
Take a look at this illustration. Cat Wilson provides a colorful background of captured images using graphic facilitation. Expect music, exercises, and movement.
SYNERGY. Learning and growing is about synergy. We invite enriching speakers and teach with a team of positive co-instructors.
Class size: 8-12 We prefer small groups of students so we can give each person more time and attention.

Salon of Learning

We are a real “salon of learning.” Following are some benefits to enrolling in classes with Cat and Rich.

  • Deepen Understanding
  • Mutual Support
  • Develop Supportive Friendships
  • Play with Creativity
  • Be Mentored
  • Less lecture, more practice
  • Expand in a New Way
  • Small groups

Class Offerings – Beginning April – May of 2016

Requirement: Curiosity, Interest, Passion
DSC04114CHt Program – Certified Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioner – 150+ hour workshop including webinar and in-class learning. Graduates receive two (2) certifications. Manuals are especially produced for each class.
Growing Coach Training – 75 hours of Board Certified Coach training (Center for Credentialing and Education – CCE). Coaching is taught with a creative edge. Experience creative coach techniques. Program contains forms and special “coaching maps.”
Timeline Training – Advanced class in NLP Timeline, where you will go beyond the past, present, and future to creatively develop a stronger sense of unlocking your inner strengths.
If not now, when will you begin?
Classes begin April, 2016. Set a time to meet your instructor/s and take a peak at the salon of your learning. Get started now. Call 503-525-0595.