Be a Seed by Cat Wilson

Be a Seed by Cat Wilson

In the world are gardens. What does a garden mean to you? If you were to be a seed what would you grow?
Gardens of cities grow buildings, streets, and pavement for busses, taxies, cars and bicycles. In the fields of nearby towns are houses, big and small houses with lots of chimneys, windows, and flower pots on balconies. Apartment buildings sprout to the sides with swarms of windows, doors, and rows and rows of mailboxes.
Parks grow from seeds of fun, nature, delight and laughter. Imagination and gentle tending deliver seasons of differing activities for the seeds, bringing bicycles, tricycles, baby strollers, animals, and footsteps.  Birds and animals add their seeds and carry the forest seeds to distant lands to grow more fun, nature, delight and laughter. It goes on and on and on as long as the earth is cared for with a gentle hand.
The people seeds are fascinating in that each person can sprout amazing features. Sunny groupings of well-watered and loved seeds grow kindness, generosity, laughter, and hope. Yet, in the darker and musty corners … often ignored and not tended well … grow loneliness and fear, sadness and frustration. Hope and genuine caring sprout inspiration and new varieties of people who carry new ideas.

Be a Seed

Today, when you look around notice how people respond around you. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. If you saw yourself, knew yourself to be a seed … what would you grow?
  2. Am I a seed for them or are they growing something in me?
  3. What can I bring to this place through my magic?
  4. If I were to produce fruit, what is needed here?

Start today and wake up to a new possibility. If you could what would you do that could make this place we all share a better garden? Now that you have that answer, know that you are here now. Begin where you are planted and make our life a magical garden!
Special for Today
You are special, unique and come packed with amazing stuff. Grow where you are planted and produce your own unique and special fruit. People are hungry for you. When you want to grow with more creativity, call us for creativity classes. Mindmapping can bring out stories, projects, and ideas you didn’t even realize were hiding inside.  Call Cat for details soon.