Guilt and Worry Cartoon
“Been to Guilt” lately? I hear it’s highly overrated.  How about options for a happier experience and tips for living guilt free?
If you are partaking in an activity that hurts you, like substance abuse, then guilt is a natural consequence. If you are in “toxic” relationships, then it just plain hurts. You can change that and get an “upgrade” on your “program.” How does this happen? By taking time with a focused guide who can help you bring more information into the equation, you can experience a process that works for you to upgrade your program, such as NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), etc.

Why Are We Creating Ourselves to Feel Guilty?

In “Assertiveness for Earth Angels,” Doreen Virtue talks about “getting rid of guilt and worry.” She suggests that guilt can occur for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • being part of an activity that doesn’t match your morals
  • feeling that you haven’t done enough and “should do more”
  • wanting to make everyone happy and blaming yourself when they are unhappy
  • thinking that you’re only loved for what you do instead of for who you are.

In Ms. Virtue’s book, she also brings in another dimension:  kind and caring people need to learn to be assertive. Are you one of those people who give and give and give, and others take and take and take?  It’s hard on you, isn’t it? Well, stop it!
Take the time to give yourself some loving kindness. You can begin with two (2) simple steps:
1) Stop it. Raise your self-esteem with some mental strength training. Self-hypnosis can give you practice and guide the unconscious part to a higher path.
2) Change your belief. Guilt takes a toll on your body, your mind, and life. People may take advantage of you unless you learn to set boundaries. Toxic people in your life may toss guilt on you for family, religious, special affiliation, or just because it’s how “they” work.
Your brain operates with some very interesting vibrations, and how you position your thoughts can affect your neural growth factor (NGF) and your focus thereafter. Thinking with positive and healthy thoughts raises your vibration. Being in a state of guilt and fear are toxic and have low vibrational energy.
Tips for Getting Rid of Guilt

  1. Take a moment and consider what’s going through your mind.
  2. Write down anyone or any behavior that brings you to a guilty place.
  3. Reflect on the people and the situations.
  4. Talk with people you trust, such as friends and coaches.
  5. Review your beliefs and make a healthy plan and follow it.

People will take notice when you operate from a healthier and happier place and respect yourself. You will love yourself more. You will feel better inside and out. Hey, none of us are completely perfect, but parts of us are great!
Are you willing to take steps for improving your life today? Apositiva offers up “guilt-free” sessions. Call us for times and days. We meet with clients in person, online and on the telephone. Simply call us at 503-525-0595.
Enjoy a guilt-free holiday and Celebrate!
P.S.  See the Facebook page for the book “Assertiveness for Earth Angels” by Doreen Virtue by clicking here.