“In order to understand a person, we must temporarily merge with them,” at least according to a new book by Lynne McTaggart called “The Bond.” And how exactly is that? McTaggart uses the many studies of scientists and neurologists to decipher important discoveries about how we all connect. She pulls studies from Alexander Chizhevsky, Franz Halberg, Germaine Cornelissen, Giacomo Rizzolatti, and Christian Keysers, and so many others and puts into layman terms what we all want to know. How does it all come together?

The Bond by Lynne McTaggart

The Bond

It makes perfect sense to me that we’re all in this thing together, but McTaggart has cited the proof. So, when you sit with a friend, you take on some of them to understand that person. Of course, you filter the information according to your experience, but for a little while you are them. What happens when you share time together is that your neurons are basically firing when they observe another’s intention and take that on. Neurons work in your brain when you’re not paying attention, so it’s not like you can say, “I’m in control of my neuron’s” any more than “I’m in control of the hairs on my skin going up.” When you have an intention and act on it, and if it’s activated by sight of movement and sound (audiovisual) the neurons help you “in understanding the intentions of others” and you gain compassion.
If you’ve been to Apositiva you’ve heard this statement: “Energy flows where attention goes as directed by intention.” McTaggart canvasses a range of subjects in this book, but she is also known for her book “The Intention Experiment” which tells the tale of many who set intentions. Decisions. Focus. What you focus on becomes real. This is why it is so very important to break the bad trances of beliefs, habits, and old identities that don’t serve you.
You have so much to gain by exploring “The Bond.” Do you know anyone who is sick or not doing well? Discover how sending “healing thoughts and intentions to a partner with cancer can make changes in heart waves, brain waves, and conduction of electrical impulses in the fingertips, blood flow, respiration” and so much more.
If you think the world is missing something you are right! Let’s see how we can change that! If you were born to belong, to agree, to give, and believe in making a better world join those of us in that positive movement. As the researchers say at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, “with a loving thought two bodies quickly become one.”
Think about this. Who are you around? What do those people talk about, focus on, argue for? Notice the moods… are you joyful, sad, angry, depressed with them? In working with people, Rich and I have learned how to ground ourselves and during this “shared circuitry” we are aware of “contagious brain waves” and what complementary measures we can take to work with them. What happens to you when you are around these personalities?
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