My thoughts = My Life - Photo by Cat Wilson

My thoughts = My Life – Photo by Cat Wilson

What kinds of ideas move you? What thoughts  stop  you in your tracks? It’s a time of reflection for many people as we end a year, and many of you may be wishing it could have been different. How could you have done it better?
I walk along a winding trail, looking out at the clear open space in the park, and enjoy the vastness of this generous view.  It is different outside than inside. In the brisk morning air is a scent of pine. Smells of forest and freshness of nature.  A thought deep inside burbles up, “Wow! I’m so lucky to be here in this scene.” The thought becomes me.
Trees with scampering squirrels knock a few red berries from the limbs, several popping me in the head. As I look up and see the furry, munching creature chewing away on half a berry and dropping the rest on me I wonder,  “Does he realize that the berry is half eaten and there is more left?  Maybe he shared this half with me.” Smiling, I walk along the path with a chipper mood and a wild imagination conjuring up a conversation with a squirrel. The thought becomes me.
Catching my eye, the tree reaches out – almost to say, “Touch me. Feel my rough tree bark and share your smooth human hand, your humanity with my tree-anity. I humor myself with happy feelings of the idea that say, “We can all communicate… animals and people and nature.” The thought …
Somewhere in this burbling concoction of thoughts and words and feelings of ideas is me … in my life. We could all be better in some way, beginning with our thoughts.  Choosing ideas that move and delight us!  Somewhere in yours is you and your life.
Consider this concept: “My Thoughts = My Life.”