UI Clock by Richard Wilson

UI Clock by Richard Wilson

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 Those Timely Tests of Time!

 Ahh Time, Waste Not, Want Not.
Waste not, want not definition. If we don’t waste what we have, we’ll still have it in the future and will not lack (want) it. The American Heritage® New Dictionary

Time Defined

“Time” as defined by the Webster Dictionary is:
noun /
: the thing that is measured as seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, etc.
: a particular minute or hour shown by a clock
: the time in a particular area or part of the world
1 a :  the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues
   b :  a nonspatial continuum that is measured in terms of events, which succeed one another from past through present to future
noun \ˈtest\
1 :  a basis for evaluation :  criterion
:  an ordeal or oath required as proof of conformity with a set of beliefs
: to use a set of questions or problems to measure someone’s skills, knowledge, or abilities
Time is such an interesting phenomenon. It is a construct that is both useful and destructive. When we use time to agree to meet someone or to have something ready, like dinner. Time can be really useful. I mean who wants to go to all the effort of cooking a great meal and have it end up cold or burned if it isn’t eaten in a timely manner?

Blame it on the Railroad

Union Station Area by Richard Wilson

Union Station Area by Richard Wilson

Did you know when and why we standardized our clocks? It happened when the Railroads began to move across the country and many of towns and cities had clocks they set themselves and the times could be very different. The different times created a major problem for the railroads companies in scheduling for passenger and freight trains to run safely on the same track.
The need for the standardizing of time eventually lead for the need to have accurate times for our country and also for other countries.
WIKIPEDIA: History of Standard Time – The members agreed that on Sunday, November 18, 1883, all United States and Canadian railroads would readjust their clocks and watches to reflect the new five zone system on a telegraph signal sent from the Allegheny Observatory in Pittsburgh at exactly noon on the 90th meridian.
So if you have complaints about having to live by the clock you can take it up with the railroads.

 Time Drag vs. Time Speed

Time can drag by when you are not doing something you want to be doing and it can speed by when you are. Time can product excitement when someone is anticipating meeting someone they care about or love and it can cause stress or dread when we they in a certain moment of time will be in a situation that is unpleasant.
Two Kinds of Time:
In Time – when someone is in the moment and is so involved that they don’t seem to have a sense of time. They are in the Now and living more fully in what they are doing or with whom they are doing something.
Through Time – when someone is less involved in the moment of something and have more of an ability to observe time, past, present and future. They are more aware of clock time or calendar time.
Some people are more inclined to operate in one area or the other and most people, when needed, will have times when they are able to shift into the other time. Examples are when someone comes home from work where they were being managed by clock time or results (Through Time) and when they come home and begin playing with their dog or a child and they become playfully associated in the moment (In Time).
Then there is the person who is engrossed on something on their computer (In Time) only to realize they are late (Through Time) and then feel the stress of having to rush off to work or school.

Brain Time

The brain also seems to have it’s own time.
Time is also different in the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. While the conscious mind watches the time move slowly or faster, second by second, the conscious mind can be very aware of clock time.
The unconscious mind can by instructed under hypnosis to experience time like one minute of this time will be the equivalent of 10 minutes of actual time. Ten minutes later when you ask the person what they noticed? It is quite normal to hear them comment on how they seemed to have so much time to figure out the solution to something they needed to work out.
Day dreaming, imagining and dreams also seem to have their own time frames and can move in and out of inner stories and move all the way from the past to the future in minutes.

Beliefs About Time

What people believe about time can also determine how they live in their lives.
“I just don’t have enough time!” or “There’s never enough time to do what needs to be done!”
“I have all the time I need!” or “There is always enough time when we focus on what’s important!”
When you have the mindset, the belief that there is enough time and you are relaxed, doesn’t it seems to help get more done and with less stress in getting it done.
On the flip side when someone feels there just isn’t enough time, don’t they tend to stay more stressed out and feel the effects like being drained of energy?
As someone gets older you might hear someone remark, “Time Is running Out”! “This is My Time, if I don’t do it now I’ll never get another chance!”
Time Metaphors
Time is also thought of as a metaphor. “Time is Money,” Ben Franklin.
We speak of “having” and “saving” and “investing” and “wasting” it.
Have you ever heard a friend say? “I need to spend more time with someone.” Or “I’m just wasting my time trying to learn this!”
If you haven’t discovered the wisdom of Nipun Mehta I would recommend going to his Awakin Weekly: Should We Spend Time Like Money? and read some of his insightful thoughts. http://www.awakin.org/read/view.php?tid=1007

Time is a Construct

Time is a construct, a creation used in different cultures to mark the movement of time. Some use a clock, some use the sun or moon or seasons and even years. We all live in our beliefs about time. If you decided that you would change how you live with time you may be able to gain more of a sense of time that is more useful. Our beliefs do direct our reality. I’ll have time working for me now!
I started off with time being thought of as a test with the quote about “To Waste Not, Want Not.” Instead of having it be something that tests us, perhaps this is our time to learn to Flow With Time and to have time as our friend? What would happen for each of us if we did just relax and let our friend, time, gently lead us, as we learn to breath…to move through time?

Have You Set Aside Time for Yourself?

And, my last important question for you in this blog is “Have You Set Aside Time For Yourself: To Enjoy Being Here Now (In Time) and to set up some times (Through Time) so you can relax, or to go places and visit people you care about (Quality Time)?”
Blessing to you, and may the sun warm you ever so gently, while a Loving Spirit walks besides you in every moment of your time.
Rich Aanrich
Apositiva Institute