Spring is here! Welcome back for the 5th tip in my Grandmother’s list of ten (10) tips in how to get along with people!

Steeling a Smile by Richard Wison

Steeling a Smile by Richard Wilson (by Steele Bridge)

“Be cheerful. Keep the corners of your mouth turned up. Hide your pains, worries, and disappointments under a pleasant smile. Laugh at good stories, and learn to tell them. “ As you remember, these tips originated from an old article clipped from an Ann Lander’s column decades ago.
What does it mean to be cheerful?   Tools in the computer dictionary say that cheerful is an adjective for happy, jolly, smiling, joyful, merry, jovial, sunny, chirpy, jaunty, gleeful, optimistic, positive, lively and in good spirits. (I wonder if the computer understands all these emotions?) One of those definitions may light your cheerful inner sunshine!
It’s easy to notice something wrong, tell yourself bad stuff, and complain about it to others. Stop it! Begin a new practice to be in the moment and discover cheer-filled experiences.
How do others experience cheer?

  • Notice a bud springing forth from the earth.
  • Hear the tinkle of laughter from a delighted gaggle of giggling kids.
  • See the robust bicyclists gliding over the Portland bridges past the blossoming trees.
  • Feel the mist from Portland’s gifts of water and feel grateful.
  • Watch “Because I’m Happy” on Karmatube
Put on a Happy Face

Put on a Happy Face by Richard Wilson

Put on a Happy Face

Be full of brightness and show it with your face. If you have many thoughts telling yourself how bad the world is, it is time to change the face of gloom. My mother used to sing songs when we were children. One of my favorites was “Put on a Happy Face.” Listen to Dick Van Dyke singing it here.
Do you remember a time, a specific time when you had a happy face?  What were you doing? Where were you? Who else was with you? How did you do that happy face?
If you feel stuck here, take a clean pencil (paintbrush, stylist, or finger) and hold it in your teeth for a few moments. Notice the sides of your mouth spread out and up?  Physiologically, this muscle movement actually creates a state of “smiling.” After a moment or two you cannot help but smile (or laugh at the silly exercise). In any event, SMILE.

Make a smile. Give a smile. Take a smile. Be a smile. – Cat Wilson


Storytelling with Ken Iverson

Storytelling with Ken Iverson at Apositiva

Ken Iverson shared his skills in Storytelling with our Master NLP Students in Portland over the weekend. It was fun!  Our “creative workshops” are my favorites to offer at our center in Portland. Ken brought surprise and delight to our minds, hearts, and souls.  People are waking up to the brilliance of hearing a folk tale and receiving wisdom through a fun, cleverly constructed tale.
Story Time with Elders by Cat Wilson

Story Time with Elders by Cat Wilson

It is wise to learn how to present a good story. Others will listen to you. Children really enjoy the time that adults give them to share a book. Pictures make it more real for the visual learner and using an expressive tone of voice can make animal characters sound like someone they can understand. Learn to laugh and tell good stories.

Seek Others for Guidance

Keep in mind that Practitioners are here to be a guide for you. This is our purpose. We walk with you in deep listening and can help when you’re:

  • Wishing for more creativity
  • Habitually doing “that thing”
  • Stuck
  • Dealing with low self-esteem
  • Harboring old boatloads of stuff
  • Ready to make positive changes now.

Happy Face Workshops, Sessions, Creativity

New Classes at Apositiva in May!

Join Us at Apositiva

Join Us at Apositiva

Come and play in one of Apositiva’s Certification Workshops, including:  Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching, Creativity, Online Telecourses and Webinars. Apositiva sessions are focused, fun, and fulfilling. We put classes on the schedule by request, so if you want to see it, let us know.
After 17 years in silence in a cave, Meher Baba’s (1894 – 1969) first words upon arriving to the public were, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”
Be more creative with life, work, relationships, projects, writing, and yourself. Join us.
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