IMG_6077At the level where you are at …  you are a “Master.”  Isn’t that nice to know! Yet, many people do not have a “masterful” feeling when they feel handicapped. Negativity can sometimes get you stuck.
How do you change a state of “fear” when it pushes you into negativity? Let’s play with this a little, with a little help from a wise woman Jean Houston. She has authored many books including A Passion for the Possible The Search for the Beloved, and The Possible Human.
What if you knew that there was a “blueprint” of you that you could access?  Ms. Houston suggests to use your handicaps by asking for help. Many of us believe in angels, invisible helpers, or the Quantum field of possibilities. Got some negativity running? Let’s try a little exercise.

Exercise to Turn Negativity Around

  1. Stop! Tell the negativity to go in the corner and behave. (smile)
  2. Get in your mind a belief that is more positive. (i.e. I can smile for 60 seconds.)
  3. Suspend all belief of failure (it’s only feedback).
  4. Relax. Breathe in and out. Smile.
  5. Ask for help. Imagine an invisible, beloved friend is listening. Explain what you need.
  6. Say these words: “Beloved friend, enter my dream. Beloved friend be present with me now.”
  7. Be creative. Imagine. Share your happy desire. Laugh with joy! Ha! Ha!
  8. Let go. Pretend you have mailed your request, and trust and be open to possibility!

Use Your Handicaps

Now, take a review of what you consider to be a handicap.

  • How can you turn it around?
  • What opportunity is available to you?
  • Where could you use this opportunity to help you?

Use your answers for discovering something special about you.
For more ideas on improving your life, watch for my blogs on being the “Artist of your life.”