What If You Were Happy Busy? Photo by Rick Wilson

What If You Were Happy Busy? Photo by Rick Wilson

Days can be crazy and busy when life is changing. I wonder what it means to you to be busy, because busy can be many things.

  • Busy body
  • Busy moving
  • Busy thinking.

Life Changes

Students are clearing out their lockers, dorms, and studios, as well as returning library books, finishing papers, and studying. Mind busy. Busy thinking.
Do you have family? Running children around to sports, helping senior family members, pets, mowing the lawn, fixing stuff, and making an effort to attend events can make us physically busy. Busy body.
Relationships can busy our mind and heart, taking up time as well as psychic space. One of my colleagues is currently busy with relationship issues, not wanting to speak to anyone as their partner left. The reply they give is, “Sorry … busy.” It is good to honor someone who needs space for healing. Changing space, busy moving.

What if you were happy busy?

Apositiva coffee“WHAT IF” is a fabulous way to begin your imagination. If your busy isn’t fun you can change that. Add a sweetener of the senses: music, aromatherapy, soft pillows, flowers, or a delicious cup of chamomile lavender tea. Of course, a lovely latte is a delightful way to enhance busy too!
Certainly we could add sweeteners while doing tasks around the home or office.
To encourage myself to write, I added a little music from the Pandora radio station. Music helps me feel entertained as it opens my mind with melody. I imagined you being here, listening, so I could offer something fun and useful. Typing away, writing, I feel like I am playing the piano instead of a keyboard. Thought flowed, and my heart opened, words flowed.
It appeared to me how frequently people tell me that life feels busy… bad busy.  Busy with other people’s needs or handling and managing problems can be less than happy busy. It depends on how you look at it.  Perspective changes the view you hold of life and you can change how you see, hear and feel with a little attention on the challenge. What if we enjoyed our challenges. What if we were all in a state of flow or bliss … good busy? What a wonderful world this could be with more happy busy people.
Call me silly, but I’m happy busy. Life is buzzing with creative sessions!

  • NLP Masters class begins June 26th
  • Coach Training starts July 17th
  • Relationships are transitioning in and around me.
  • People are calling me for customized training programs and creative sessions.
  • My life is full and I am joyfully being who I am for you.

When Is It Your Turn?

Now! Get happy busy.  I’m here to encourage, help you create, show you how to do something, or soothe.
If you are unhappy or bored or can’t figure it out, GET HAPPY BUSY. Call, ask for a session with Cat and say, “Show me. I want to know what I would be like if I were happy busy.” Then, you and I can get busy together and figure out a plan to get you happy busy.  Allow me to delightfully sweeten your day and call at 503-525-0595.