What is Gender Intelligence with Peter Wallmark at WCL.

How can genders connect better? Attending to our needs as a woman or a man in business is an interesting story.  It gets complicated when we work together, and yet come from different perspectives. How do you operate in your framework as a man or a woman in business?
Today I attended a meeting of the Women’s Center for Leadership (WCL) in Portland, Oregon.  Generally, our speakers are women. Today the speaker was Peter Wallmark, who successfully brought good questions to the table.

What is Gender Intelligence?

The women in this room are executives, female entrepreneurs, and growing business-women, and it helps to begin with seeing what is going on. Peter offered a Quick Gender Intelligence Quiz (Source: Gender Surveys, Barbara Annis & Associates, 2005-2012). Listed below are some of the 13 questions offered to WCL attendees in today’s meeting.
o   True or False: Men and Women feel equally appreciated at work.   ___
o   Who asks more questions … men or women?    ___________
o   True or False: Both men and women feel they need to improve interpersonal communication.    ____
You probably have a good idea of what’s happening here.  Even  the questions we ask are interesting. Notice how we quantify if we “feel equally appreciated,” “who asks more questions,” and who feels “they need to improve interpersonal communication.”
Remember, too, that everybody is different, so genders can deviate from their culture.  If you want to know the answers or discuss this over tea, let me know. I enjoy a good cup of coffee, too.

Ok. What is Gender Intelligence?

How do women talk to women? - Sketch by Cat Wilson

How do women talk to women? – Sketch by Cat Wilson

Get curious today.  Start wondering about women if you are a man. Start wondering about the differences of men to women. How can you bring the best of both worlds together to synergy?
I put this out for your consideration. Start looking for the similarities among women and men, as well as differences. People like people who are like them. It’s useful to find the similarities, so you have friendly connecting points.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Relationships?

If you want to learn more about “What is Gender Intelligence,” remember that coaches are trained to ask powerful questions. Coaching is about drawing out what is inside of you, and you know more than you think you know. We offer Creativity Coaching.

Get a Start and Look for Gender Intelligence

Man in Communication Texting – Sketch by Cat Wilson

If you look for intelligence you will find it. According to Gregory Bateson, “True wisdom comes from at least three or more perspectives.” 
Explore the questions that elevate your life. Find a coach, explore the possibilities, and grow your gender intelligence.