Joy with Boy and Dad by Cat Wilson

Joy with Boy and Dad by Cat Wilson

How much joy is in your life? Do you have minutes, hours, days of joy? What joy can you do in five minutes?
Please take a moment and ask yourself if something is missing … maybe joy.
When I realized it, it was a day like any other. Something was missing. I couldn’t reach what it was, but I knew inside.
I asked the question, “What is it I’m missing?”
“Drawing.” The answer came quickly.  I was doodling on the edge of a paper while sitting staring out at the seasons changes.
“Drawing,” something repeated from deep inside.
I froze. Stopped doodling.
“You don’t  have time for drawing, doodling, art whatever. You are busy, busy, busy.” The conversation immediately jumped in and I even felt more guilty for doodling.
Yet, another part of me didn’t agree. “How could I be too busy for something missing that brought me joy?”
“You are busy working. You have more to do than you realize. Get busy,” the voice inside said.
Stopping again. I looked around. Everywhere was a file, a stack of messages, a notebook with things to do on the computer. My iPad held appointments with clients, which I am very thankful for being able to be of service. I realized, however, no appointments with “joy” to doodle and draw.

Joy was Missing!

Boy and Mom in Joy by Cat Wilson

Joy with Boy and Mom by Cat Wilson

When I realized I was missing “joy” I made a commitment that things had to change. In that moment, I grabbed a pad of paper, walked about, and found a cafe to sit and draw. In drawing I could reconnect with joy!

  • I love people! Joy!
  • I loved seeing them in their flow. Joy!
  • I loved drawing. Joy!

After a short time, I realized so much joy from character sketching that I felt FULL. Full of joy!
My realization has fed me through many days, weeks, and months, and I’m realizing a different level of living through one simple act. Every day for at least five (5) minutes I get into an atmosphere where I can feel this joy.  It feels so delicious! It’s melody echos in my heart all day. I feel a gentle sense of caring. My eyes open for more scents of a joyful life!

What Joy Can You Do in 5 Minutes?

Is something missing?  Got five minutes?
Try this yourself.
Stare out the window and ask, “What’s missing?”
Listen. What joy can you do in five minutes?
Now. Do it!