Boy and Busy Dad - Cat Wilson

Boy and Busy Dad – Cat Wilson

I’d like to think that I’ve been a good parent. Kids are tough judges. I wonder what will your kid remember?
I watch a lot of people in and out of our center. Kids and parents are some of my favorites. When a parent has a deadline and brings their child into a coffee shop you can bet the child has to be occupied so that their mother or father can work.
Parents who work at home face the same challenge.  It’s wonderful to work from the home base, but how do the kids take it?
My children had a busy mom. I had to rely on my own resources. The other parent did not contribute, no financial  help, and I was on my own. Rent, food, utilities, clothes, school activities, car, gas, pizza, you name it! I was completely on my own for over 20 years. I’m still on my own, so it hasn’t actually changed, except the children are grown. Two graduated from college and one married with kids.
Time with Kids - Cat Wilson

Time with Kids – Cat Wilson

I would listen and take special quality time with my kids for a “Communication Breakdown Burger” at a local restaurant or take them for an ice cream.
Would it be enough to make sure they were heard for an hour?
What I have learned is that kids actually never know how hard it is on their parents. They are kids. All they know is they want attention, and their parent is busy.
Mom is working, attending classes to finish a degree, attending teacher conferences, and everything else. Dad is a graphic designer or a web designer or a sales manager and needs to meet a quota. Joining them for coffee and a treat is the best they can do after school.  At night? Now and then they might have a date. Yet, the kids are kids. I wonder what yours will remember?
Listen to your kids - Cat Wilson

Listen to your kids – Cat Wilson

I put this out for your consideration. If you are a single parent, take your kids for time with you and listen. Look at them. Touch their shoulder. Listen to stories of their world, no matter how boring or small it might seem. After all the years they may remember that one scene when you listened to how they made a football touchdown or how they were chosen as “Rudolf” in the school play.
Remind yourself that they are kids. Their memory is different than yours. Be the best you can be. Love them lots. Make good memories. I love you people!