What’s on the top of your list for today?  What’s got your attention? Many of you may be wishing you could stay on task, but “what’s got your nose” is something else. How do you reclaim your nose? Here are some sensory ideas.

What's Got Your Nose

What’s Got Your Nose by Cat Wilson

What’s Got Your Nose is Your Ear.

Take a listen. An assortment of sound distractions may be breaching your fortress.  Sound sensitive individuals are disturbed by annoying disruptions like a thudunking machine in the next room, barking animals, loud humans, or electronic sounds.

A Little Tap Will Do Ya.

Getting interrupted by a tap in your space?  You calendar a date for writing time, setting you on the path to becoming an acclaimed writer or blogger. Just when you sit down with an idea  … a member of your team sneaks up, taps you on the shoulder, and shares some trivia they read. Getting beat red? Guess what’s got your nose?

Eyeball Traps

Treats, library books, stacks of yet-to-be filed receipts, and dust bunnies clog your peripheral vision.  No matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid the view.  Treats next to the computer offer you promises of memorable mouth joy.  Your next-in-the-series of mystery books makes you wonder what’s about to happen. Let’s not talk about the slips of paper and hairy dust animals we save for “Spring cleaning.” Yes, the sneaky “eyeball trap” is what’s got your nose.

Thoughtful Boundaries

Don’t let your nose get off course. Managing distractions will support your thoughts and activities. Try one of these directions:

  1. When noisy others breach the fortress, be gentle, yet firm and ask what you can do to support them.  After careful listening, let them know your needs, and make a collaborate plan for both of you. Turn off your electronic sounds.
  2. Touch bases, and be pro-active with physical interruptions as you say, “Thank you for sharing. Now, in fairness to you and me, could you notice when I’m involved in an activity. Tell me about it when we are sitting with tea or coffee, so I can be present and enjoy it with you.”
  3. Eyeball your area and make it user friendly. Set up a system where food is stored out of site (out of mind), mystery novels stay hidden till later, and keep the surfaces as clean and ready as possible.
  4. Sniff. If something smells bad take care of it. Fresh minds work best in clean bodies and fresh clothes.

Theater of Thought

The Schnitz

Using Hypnotherapy and NLP, Apositiva can help You to create resourceful mindsets.  Imagine having a private session with us in Portland, Oregon. Together we create a theater like “The Schnitz” but in the mind.
Imagine yourself in your performance theater. You have the lead role. Everyone’s counting on you.  Practice the role you play in your mind.  See it happening clearly. Feel yourself doing your thing. Hear the applause. Celebrate!
As Laurence Olivier said, “Lead the audience by the nose to the thought.”
To experience a personal session at Apositiva,  call 503-525-0595 or text 503-816-5104.