Scholarship - Photo by Cat Wilson

Scholarship – Photo by Cat Wilson

What do you think “scholarship” means. The word scholarship can mean “academic study” or learning of a high level or it can be a “grant” awarded on the basis of achievement in life or school.
Opportunity is the meaning that comes to mind for me. Over the course of twenty (20) years my education varied based on what was happening in my life.  It wasn’t as planned as my son, who recently graduated as an Architect. He knew what he wanted from the time he was two years of age and had the support of mentors along the way.  It took him time, but he always knew. The path was laid out.
When it came to education, I wanted to get life skills, create a family, and become better at art and communicating.  Since so much was actual living, school in my mind was secondary, because I needed to make an income, take care of my family, and I was second after the rest.
The “Family Project” was wonderful, but there is life after family.  Life was changing and the old skills didn’t serve the new requirements of working and life.
Back to university!  I continued my skills and academic study following what others told me were good subjects to study. Some of you may relate by being told to be an engineer, a lawyer, a baker, a secretary, a teacher, a nurse, etc.  After graduation I had the papers that said, “You did it!”  Yet, I knew I didn’t do it alone. People encouraged me along the way.

Learning to a Higher Level

I believe I can fly

Reach Higher!

Paper in hand… now it was up to me to take that learning to a higher level and use what I learned!  Scholarship can also be defined as “learning of a high level” (according to the Google dictionary.)
How?  Job? Develop a business? You might have your own back story, but what I remember is needing a little more education after university. I pursued certifications. The skills I received through these certifications courses actually became the basis of many of the services I could offer. This became my “how” to use the other learning.
An organization was holding a class. At the time I had a huge school loan, but I knew the course would help me in my endeavors. I contacted the people giving the course and told them about my interest, and what I wanted to bring to others by helping people become the highest and best possible.
I asked if by chance they offered a scholarship. There was a long pause. “Yes! Yes, we have one that hasn’t been used. Are you interested?” Excitedly, I told them I was interested and we discussed how much it would cover of the course and what I needed to do.
They explained that I needed to write a letter to them, explain my life interest and how I would use the learning, and submit it via email that day. The course was beginning that week-end! Acting quickly, I stopped everything and did as they asked. A few hours after emailing it and calling to let them know, they called and said I received the scholarship of a portion of the fee and could attend.  Fantastic new ideas and wonderful processes became a part of me in this learning.  Mixed with my university education it all worked. Many people have told me what a difference I made in their life. Inside I feel good about what I do. This path to scholarship and taking that learning to a higher level was successful for me.

Wishes Fulfilled by Scholarship

It’s your turn. Your time. My program Growing Coach Training begins this Friday, July 17th. It is five (5) weekends, once per month, of experiential training here in Portland, Oregon.  I have two scholarships unused.  Are you ready to do something for others?  Do you want to become a Life or Business Coach and contribute to helping others in learning of a high level?

When are classes?

Coaches in Training by Cat Wilson

Coaches in Training by Cat Wilson

Class starts Friday at 4:00 pm and finishes at 7:00 p.m.  We begin again Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Click here for dates of monthly modules.
Your hours will be filled with fun, learning, and activities you can’t get from sitting on the phone, learning online, or from reading a book by yourself. It is experiential learning, and if you have learned coaching online, you will find this class refreshing and skill enhancing.
Call Cat Wilson at 503-816-5104 to reach me directly.  You have a few days, but the clock is ticking. Class starts Friday at 4pm. I hope to fill these two scholarships for people who will go out and make a difference in the world and achievement.