img_6410Did you ever look at a person and say, “You remind me of someone …,” and even their smile or energy felt the same?  I have always wondered about that. How about you?
Sketching over the past couple years, I look more closely. I feel something … electricity … passion … energy. Hard to put into words. All I know is that the images of joy, confusion, sadness, love, and more come up. It’s also quite contagious. Whoever catches my attention I seem to feel close to, and many times even recognize … from somewhere, some time.
When you are thinking about it next time, notice everything that comes up about a person for you. Here are some questions you may want to ask:

  • What about that person is similar?
  • How do I feel when I am around them?
  • Is it a scent, such as a cologne or perfume?
  • Where did I get that same impression before… work, youth, playing, in a plane?
  • When was it that I saw that person last?
  • Who exactly do they remind me of?
  • Is it someone I knew or saw in a movie or a crowd?

You Remind Me of Someone

img_6400When you get the ideas, write them down.
Check your memory.
Notice what the “experience “was you had with the person. Then if it represented “growth” in some way for your to appreciate. Finally, what did you “contribute” to that person or how did they contribute to you. Smile. Appreciate your experience.
Life is a funny, funny thing, and people can be gifts in your life.

Visit a People Place

By the way, “Cafe Characters” are going up at JoLa Cafe in the John Landing’s area in Portland. My Cafe Characters are visiting JoLa Cafe for the month of November, 2016.
I’m hoping you enjoy it! Remember that I’m learning how to put things on the wall, and this journey of sketching people has been something I’m trying to figure out how to share. Yes, I’m working on the book.
Will I sell them? Some people are asking if I’m selling these pictures.
Yes, prints, and some originals are for sale. I look at it as “adopting” these characters to enjoy them in your home. You can purchase them from JoLa Cafe. I’ve started a little website, and will put locations of showings up. Go here CAFE CHARACTERS.

img_6411Oh, yes, postcards!

Look for the postcards and buy a few – they are cute and the little story is on the back.
Tell them how it feels to have these characters around. Do they keep you company? Do they make you think? Do you recognize them?
Please go, enjoy something to drink while you are there … and notice if they remind you of someone you know. (wink)