April Showers Bring May FlowersWelcome to the Month of May!  It’s the month in the Pacific Northwest that follows a long season of rain, bringing loads of flowers like tulips and roses! What else is May?
May is the month for Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, dancing around the Maypole, crowning of the May Queen, and some countries observe and honor workers (Memorial Day).
May is an Old English word originated around 1227-75 meaning “permission,” “be free to,” “possibility,” or a word used “to express a wish or desire, especially in prayer.” You may know that it is also the international radiotelephone distress signal used by ships and aircraft when you say, “May day.”  May has no past tense.
Did you know that “May” also means “the early vigorous blooming part of human life”?  In terms of history, Shakespeare referred to this month as “the merry month of May.”

Celebrate May

RosesWant to make a difference?  Celebrate May by making “May baskets.”
Obtain some flowers and fill a vase or basket. Sneak up to someone’s house and leave the May basket.  Knock on the door or ring the doorbell and run behind a tree! Watch the person open the door and find the delightful flowers. You may make someone’s day!

10 Ways to Use May

Here are some healthy potential ways for you to utilize “may” this month:

  1. You may take a short break now and relax.
  2. May we offer you a spinach salad for lunch?
  3. May I sign up for Yoga classes?
  4. May I help you?
  5. There may be an easier way of solving the challenge.
  6. May I say a word of thanks to every one of you now?
  7. May I offer you a hand with your packages?
  8. You may be the most interesting person I’ve met today!
  9. May joy, peace and prosperity visit your home.
  10. You may be right!

Your Word is Your Wand

Words are magic!  Every time you say something, there is a part of you listening.
Remember that “body follows mind.”  Especially when you express a belief, such as, “I may change some habits this May.” When you use the word “may” it opens possibilities. Maybe this is why I love using “may” in coaching so much!
By the way, if you like guiding others to possibilities, you may want to consider being a Practitioner in the healing arts of Hypnotherapy. You may also like the thought of being a guiding light and become a Life Coach!  Learn how to improve your life! Find a positive way to use “may” today!

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