Dandelion Walk

Dandelion Walk

Morning walks can bring us joyful thoughts. Do you take a regular morning walk?  If not, why not begin now? Your “potential” may be waiting for you.
Rich and I have a few paths upon which we wander. One of our favorites is through a forestry area. An aroma of fresh pungent pine needles, fallen from tall branches, meets us with a reminder that we are walking amongst great pines!  We feel honored strolling by these tall trees, coated with layers of rough bark. Along the grassy base of the trees are scattered pine cones, the seeds of the pine tree’s “potential.”
As we walk, we feel the well-worn path supporting each step we take.  I wonder about the many different people whom have walked this path.
Along the path you might find little flowers made up of butter yellow and sky blue, some with popcorn white petals, many miniature purple petals. A treat to the senses and a pleasure to the mind!  Then you see the dandelions!

The Billion Wish Flower

Some people consider dandelions weeds, and others imagine enjoying them in salad as a nutritious boost, or making wine. These flower/weeds have bright butter yellow petals when they are new, and brighten the spring and summer with single flowers or large patches. Not such a happy site in a lawn to gardeners, but very happy in a wild field to walkers! It’s a wish flower to children (and some fun adults).

Billion Wish Flower

Billion Wish Flower by Rick Wilson

I looked at the dandelions on our path the other day and mentioned to Rich,
“Isn’t it interesting how this little bright yellow dandelion shines with color when it’s young, but when then it turns silver like an elder flower and tosses its seeds to grow new plants!”
The dandelion waits until the end of its life to release the new potentials.
Many people dream of writing or creating or accomplishing something in life, and they wait until they turn silver like an elder flower before they release their potentials. Why do we wait?

What is Your Dream?

We are all born with potential, whether we become a future Frisbee Golf Champion, Musician or Artist, Great Scientist, or Pillsbury Pie Baking Champion. The question is do you go your whole life and wait until the end to fulfill your potential?
If you haven’t yet begun to do what it is that you want to do, consider beginning now with morning stillness and walks.

Dandelion Walks: Step by Step

1)   In the morning, wake up before everyone else, have your cup of hot tea or glass of juice and sit still for 20 minutes meditating.
2)   When time is up, journal about what you love and wish you could do in your lifetime.
3)   Set it aside, but don’t tell anyone yet. Just dream about what would happen if you contributed your gift to the world!
4)   Get dressed and go outside. Bring a question with you in your mind. Take a walk. Be open and present to the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of nature.
5)   When you return, journal for 5 more minutes and notice what came in.

Ideas Growing

Kathryn Wish by Rick Wilson

Kathryn Wish by Rick Wilson

You might be surprised by the odd ideas you come up with when you sit still and even more when you go for a walk. These are times for you to use your creative mind and spirit to open to your potential.  Morning is a wonderful time of day to get exercise and begin with a positive outlook. Talk a walk. Dream.
When you find a dandelion ready to release it’s silver seeds, grasp it, make a wish and blow the seeds out to fulfill their potential. Then go fulfill yours!

Want a Jump Start to Your Dream?

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