Time is a Resource

Time is a Resource. Use it well.

Want an escape? TV, DSI’s, computers, i-pads, e-pads … they all offer a bit of fun and escape. Yet, too much of this sort of escape can make you wonder what happened with your days. Your life is made up of what you do with your time. We need to be watchful how we use this precious resource and what distracts us from using our time wisely. Sometimes there is so much happening in a day that we get tired and stressed out. In our wildest dreams we imagine a vacation, or just an extra hour or two for a work-out, thinking, or an activity to release tension. In the recent generation, we learned to relax by switching on the tv or computer and letting these devices decide where to take us on automatic pilot. We get distracted by a program and advertisements. Later we wonder what happened to our dreams or ideas. You got distracted.
Why in the world would you want to be distracted? Life. Tired. Bored. But, you have things to do! You have dreams to follow! Purposes to fulfill! What do these media have to offer you? TV ads, messages, programs are available 24/7, and we eat them up like snack foods that come in plastic bags…easy to grab, easy to chew, easy to forget. Let’s step back for a moment. You are a valuable and wonderful human being with something special to share with the world. Yes, you! Yet, you need to align yourself with what is important before you get “distracted.” Let’s create a special escape for you that doesn’t include ads or programs designed to veer you in another direction. Let’s escape to your dream!
First, get a box. It can be a fancy treasure chest or a shoe box. Now, name it. Pick a name like “dreams,” “miracles,” “future,” or anything that feeels good to you. Now set the open box in front of you. With your eyes open or closed, ask yourself: what do I really want? Where do I want to go in my life? Who would I like to join me? How would I have fun? Next let ideas start flowing in your mind. Pictures, words, feelings… ideas come in many ways. Let your imagination wander to a vacation spot and sit there basking in the luxurious, enhancing experience! Smiling. Imagine doing some fun activity that really brings out your talents. Gardening, blowing bubbles, molding clay, humming, playing the kazoo, dancing, art, music, sports, writing, or letting the air breeze through your hair on a boat, skiing on a slope, at the hair salon, in a classic auto convertible! Go anywhere! Do anything! Be brilliant! Ahhhhhh.
Okay, you’ve had enough. Now go to your wallet or purse or wherever you keep your dollars and change and place a few dollars in the box. Close it. Put the box in a place where you know it will be safe for you, where you can easily get to it. Every time you need a boost, put a little money in your box and escape. After a while, you’ll be surprised to find that you have what you need to get started! It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Why wouldn’t you just put it in your account? Most people have money in a bank account, but this can go for anything like the utility bills, rent, food, car, etc. This special “box of dreams” is just for you to use for that dream escape.
Keep up your box with whatever spare change you have in your pocket. After a while you’ll find that you have the ideas and the money to go play. You are a human being. Being is what you do. So, escape to your time and let yourself “be” for a while … happy. This open space is left for you to dream…
Imagination Box

Escape to Your Dreams