Exploring – Photo Credit: Richard Wilson

When did you say your first word as a baby? Seven months, a year old? You were there, but it’s hard to remember when you said that first word… when you’ve been doing it for so long. After a while… you feel like you’ve always done it.
Coaching, is something that you’ve known about, been curious about, or maybe you’ve even done it on a certain level.
In 2002, when I took my first coach certification course, I looked at the brochure and thought, “this looks like my college course program for my communications degree.” And, it’s true that many of the same topics made up a Bachelors program in Communications and Training. So, why did I take it anyway?
I wanted to see how it was applied using NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming). I wanted to see how this new “coaching” career could move me more into a space where I could help people discover their hidden powers that got results. The program I took was taught by various trainers, one of whom was ICF certified, and most simply people with wonderful skills, such as motivating people, leading teams, managing business, and skilled practitioners in human excellence. What happened for me?

Exploration, discovery, and action!

Three words led me into the world of coaching. Exploring. Discovering. Activating.
The discussions, exercises and opportunities to play provided challenge and stretched me beyond my degree program, where I used communicating and purposeful questioning and playful processes to bring out the playful powers in others and make a difference.
Yet, the program wasn’t enough. Something was missing. I began writing down my ideas about how I would actually coach in 2002 during my coach training. This added to what the course taught.  I collaborated with my colleagues and we created new working tools, so we could take our clients through each process step by step to reach their goal. I was developing a new coaching style. Growing Coach Training.
My coaching clients and students in Apositiva’s hypnotherapy and NLP programs asked me, “How do I become a coach?” and asked if I would teach this style to them. And… when was I going to teach these creative coaching methods? In 2006 I started originally with “Squeezing the Turnip.” It was about coaching yourself. Then people who had taken other courses came into the course and I grew the course to a new and more exciting level Growing Coach Training.
Are you interested in a Creative Coaching Program that will grow you and others? Here’s your chance. Growing Coach Training program begins August 29th. This is an “experiential” course, with weekly online follow-up. This is a Board Certified Course through Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE). Want in on a cozy group where you are heard? Sign up now for a five week-end series of modules that take you from starting out to being.
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