How’s life going? Is something old starting to rag on you? We will find moments when time stops briefly and suddenly there is a flash in time! You get it! Then … it’s gone. Did you get it?
Flashes of intuition come in waves. Do you get these flashes of things to come, too?
When I get exhausted… and stop …  too tired to push another project into the hour … a flash of intuition comes to give notice. Stop! Newsflash! Stop! Listen!
“Newsflash” like intuition is information you need. It could be that something in life that has become static and reached the finish line. It could be a relationship, the place you live, the phase in your life, a job… Something new is coming.
When we “get it” that it is time for change, it requires action on our part.
Actions on Your Part Could Include:

  • meditating
  • stepping away and walking
  • thinking about your life and patterns
  • making decisions, taking choices
  • finding a skilled guide to help you open new windows to thinking

Flashes of Intuition

If you have come to a point in your life and it feels like you are standing still, or flashes of intuition are trying to get your attention you can do something right now. Life Coaching.
Moving Forward
Coaching consultations give you samples of what coaching can do, and also give you a sense of how a coach works.  Coaching is not so much about moving backward into therapy, rather it is about moving beyond and forward.
To work with intuition, you can use listening, art, and deep exercises that bring it all to the surface.
Come find out what coaching with intuition is like.  If your next step is moving forward, give Cat a call at 503-525-0595.