Did you get lost in the world’s drama? Lose your touchstone? Get sucked into dark places? Sadness. Anger. Fear. What you need is a good head bump!

One of my clients asked me the other day, “Are you always positive? Don’t you ever get down?”

What can I say to such a compliment? “Sure. I have moments. It doesn’t have to be an hour or a day or a week, though.”

How we hold on to the world’s drama is up to us. If you can’t take your eyes off an awful image, then close your eyes. I’m not saying you should ignore the world’s problems, because we are all a part. What I offer you is to ask questions about what this image does and how can you offer service or lend a heart? By shifting our focus, even momentarily, we can see beyond hopelessness and realize our power to make change, beginning within ourselves.

One of my clients recently called me to release fear about a medical procedure. In her mind were old reflections of a bad moment from a surgery years ago. Getting a shot as a child or having a wound sewed up after a nasty fall is something many of us can relate to when we think of going in for a medical procedure. But it doesn’t have to be forever.

The place where things change is inside of you. Inside your mind. Inside your body. Inside your spirit.

You have a tool. It’s your imagination. Children are particularly talented in using this tool to enjoy their day. See if you can remember a childhood story or fantasy or an imagined friend.

Imagine you are sitting in a garden. You are reflecting upon going in to a doctor for a small procedure. They advised you there would be shots and scalpels and bandages. They said it would fix your problem and you would get better, but all you can think about is the shot… the blood… the pain you imagine that you’ll feel.

Just then a cat jumps up on the wall behind you and meows. Instantly you are distracted. Watching the cat, you smile. Your forehead relaxes. Your shoulders drop. You even laugh. The friendly cat saunters over to you and looks you in the eye. You smile back with your eyes and welcome the creature by doing so. An unspoken permission has been exchanged and the cat moves over to you and you feel the head bump, a sudden and positive change.

You lean into the cat and as it rubs your cheek you rub back and close your eyes, feeling mystically happy inside and relaxed.

The fear a moment ago has dissipated for now, enough to help you catch your breath and open your mind to another reality. You will get through this medical procedure and it will be fine.

How Your Mind Changes

You moved your attention for a few moments to another image, simply by changing channels in your brain. Now you can move into a positive place and more rationally attend to what you need. You’re able to realize that your fear may be much worse than the reality of the procedure, and that while any pain will pass, the benefits you gain in recovery will remain.

A New Mindset

Go to stillness. Notice calm. Let go the darkness. Invite light. I am here. Join me. In a simple joy. Know that no matter how challenging the present moment feels, you are never alone.

I offer powerful client centered processes to help you move into more resourceful places. Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, and more are all designed to give you the power to shift your view of the world. If you are ready to explore these life changing modalities with an experienced guide, I am here for you.

How can I help you today?

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