Need your help. How would you like to grow in 2020?  What would you like to harvest in you?

Over the years we have created many classes that are waiting to come out and play. Fun stuff waiting in the back room. (smile)  Wouldn’t you like to know what’s back there?

We would like to shed some paper and put these classes online. So, help us help you.

What Are You Looking For Online?

What would you like to get out of 2020 for yourself? What matters to you this year?

How Would You Like to Grow in 2020?

If your future self was looking back at this time, what would they wish you had started learning? I think about how a farmer has to plan for a harvest.  I wish I had learned more about some software programs, so I was faster at doing things on the computer. I also like to think in terms of the future harvest for my students.  How can I help you “Life Farmers” with your future harvest?

Many of you already go online for learning.  So, my effort in 2020 will include mini classes that I team up with my colleagues to present something fun and synergistic.  We want to know what you want.

What “online class” are you wanting?

I’m planning to make your life easier and better by putting learning online, so you can go in any time and buff up your shine.

Are you interesting in:

o Time management

o Organization

o Communicating with Others

o Building a “Life Partner” Relationship

o Dancing with Gremlins and Overcoming Fears

o Online creativity coaching

o Creativity boosters

o Train the Trainer Mind-map Class

o Hypnosis mini classes

o Neuro Linguistic Programming classes

o Refreshers for previous certifications

o Pediatric Hypnosis

o Time Travel

o Emotional Freedom Technique

o The Apositiva Method (NEW!)


If you have taken a class online and it didn’t meet your needs, what do you wish you could have gotten from it?

What would you just love to kick back in your cozy corner and learn more about?

We are looking for your wants and needs in online classes at Apositiva. How would you like to grow your harvest of you?

Please let me know by sending us a message. We’re waiting for make your 2020 Harvest wonderful!

Thank you! (Hugs)

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